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Avon, MA is one of the smaller towns in Massachusetts, but our team has helped the Avon community countless times over the years. Located in Norfolk County, Avon is just a short drive from our Bridgewater office. As a town in Massachusetts, Avon is susceptible to mold growth and that can create indoor discomfort. At Moldguys Restoration, we are always happy to help out the Avon community whenever we can! If you are a Avon resident or business owner, please continue reading to learn how all of our services can benefit your property! 

Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation in Avon, MA

Established in early 2014, Moldguys Restoration has provided professional residential and commercial remediation for nearly a decade now. If you notice mold on your property and do not feel comfortable dealing with it, just leave it to our team!  With our experience, certifications and resources, you can count on being in good hands when you call us to handle mold on your property. Our mold remediation services can prevent further damages to your property caused by mold and complete the project in a timely manner! 

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Avon, MA

Air Ducts can get dirty very quickly, especially if they have not been cleaned in quite some time. It is recommended that air ducts be cleaned at last twice a year.  Our team can also provide top-notch air duct cleaning services to Avon property owners. A clean air duct will give the airduct the best chance to thrive. Dust and Debris does no good when it accumulates in your air ducts. To improve your property’s air flow, Give us a call to clean your air ducts! Indoor air quality is invaluable. 

Restoration and Rebuild Service in Avon, MA

Moldguys Restoration now offers Restoration and Rebuild services throughout Massachusetts. Essentially, with this service, our team can tear down affected areas of your property, treat the issue and then rebuild the area to look new again! If areas of your property are long overdue for a tear down, give this service a try! 

Professional Mold Services in Avon, MA

Mold on your property should not be left untreated. Mold can get worse in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Got Mold? Get Moldguys! Our team is always passionate about helping our communities however we can! Contact us today if you spot mold issues! 

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