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Start To Finish Restoration and Rebuild Service!

We now offer Commercial & Residential Restoration and Rebuild Services to many towns across Massachusetts, especially ones located in or around the South Shore region. Essentially, this is a mold removal and demo project. If a certain area of a property if affected and overtaken by mold, our team can come in, tear down what needs to be torn down, and rebuild to look like new again! Our Restoration and Rebuild services also typically involve water damage. If a part of your homes structure is impacted by severe water damage, we can take down the part, and rebuild it to look like new again! 

How Else Can a Restoration and Rebuild be Beneficial? 

It never hurts to make improvements to your property. If a remodel is not in your budget, a restoration and rebuild project can improve the aesthetics and function of your property at a lesser cost. If you want more space or a new look inside your property, our restoration and rebuild services can get it done! 

Common Residential Areas for Restoration and Rebuild Service: 

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements

Common Commercial Areas for Restoration and Rebuild Service

  • Restrooms
  • Office Spaces 

When you spot areas of your property with an excessive amount of mold, get Moldguys! We can remediate the situation and make the area look like new in no time! 

Professional Mold Remediation Services in East Bridgewater, MA 

Moldguys Restoration is the team you can trust in Massachusetts when it comes to dealing with mold in an efficient manner! If you need assistance tackling mold, just contact us and we can get on it! 

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