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Does Opening Windows Prevent or Attract Mold?

Home Blog Does Opening Windows Prevent or Attract Mold?

No homeowner ever wants to see mold in their homes, but unfortunately, mold likely exists somewhere within every home. The best thing homeowners can strive for is to limit and do their best to prevent mold. One way homeowners can deal with mold is by opening their windows. With that said, opening your windows at the wrong time or wrong day can also be conducive for mold growth. In this blog, we will explain the best scenarios to open your windows and when to keep them closed. 

When Should I Open The Windows?

1. Excess Amount of Moisture inside the Home

Mold loves moisture so if parts of your home is encountering high moisture levels, opening a window or two is not a bad idea. Keep in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are two common residential areas that experience high moisture levels. 

2. Traditional Ventilation Is Not Getting Job Done

Some homes deal with poor ventilation. With poor ventilation, mold can build up and start to form. By opening your windows, you can negate poor ventilation to at least some effect. 

When Should I Keep The Windows Closed? 

1. Rainy Days 

When it is raining outside, especially when it is raining heavily, it is important to keep your windows closed. Mold growth thrives in damp environments, so having your windows open during a rainstorm gives mold an opportunity to develop. 

2. Humid Days Outdoors 

Mold also thrives when humidity levels are high outside so try to keep your windows closed as often as possible on humid days. While it may be tempting to crack open your windows on a humid day, sometimes using your air conditioning is the best way to go. 

3. Window Near a Mold Spot

Opening a window near an area that already has mold growing may enable the mold to grow faster and bigger. The best thing to do before opening windows near moldy areas is to have a professional mold company remediate or remove the mold first. 

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