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Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Before Summer

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Memorial Day Weekend is often viewed at the official start of summer and with temperatures reaching near 90 degrees over the weekend there is no denying summer is here! That means it is time to start turning on your AC to beat the fast approaching heat. But if you haven’t cleaned out your air ducts you may be in for a not so pleasant surprise when you switch on your AC this summer.

If you haven’t used your air ducts in some time, dust, dirt and other allergens can settle throughout them and when you flip that switch to cool down they could blow all that dust and dirt straight into your home and lungs. Not only can cleaning out your air ducts help improve the health of your family it can also help improve the efficiency of your unit. A good cleaning can yield long-term energy savings allowing you to use less heat or AC because air is able to travel more freely throughout your air ducts, In fact, dirty coils and blowers in commercial buildings can cut efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

In extreme cases, your air ducts could be so backed up that your AC won’t even turn on or it will turn on but it won’t feel like anything is coming out of the ducts. This is because your dirt and dust restrict air flow if the blower fan or motor can’t turn because of dirt or the air filter is clogged with dust, then the system can’t effectively circulate that properly cooled air throughout your home. This will result in your HVAC system running longer and using more energy.

You don’t want to wait until it’s time to turn on your AC to find out they need to be cleaned. Contact the Air Duct cleaning professionals at Moldguys Restoration today to get your home and AC ready for summer with a thorough air ducts cleaning.

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