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How Can I Prevent Bathroom Mold This Summer?

Home Blog How Can I Prevent Bathroom Mold This Summer?

Summer’s arrival is closing in and we are sure everyone is excited about that notion. While Summer can bring plenty of excitement, excessive mold can put a hamper on your mood. With summer’s humidity, it is important to keep in mind that mold can thrive in summer conditions. Mold can grow anywhere within a home, especially in bathrooms. Here are the best things you can do to mitigate the chances of mold growing in your bathroom. 

Be As Clean As Possible 

This goes without saying, but the cleaner you keep your bathrooms, the less the likelihood will be that mold will form. Bathrooms contain many elements conducive to mold growth so it is essential to always be vigilant when using your bathrooms. Try to keep water in the bathtub and sinks. Should water make it out and onto the floor or walls, wipe it down as soon as possible. 

Use Ventilation Fan 

Most bathrooms are now equipped with a ventilation fan. If your bathrooms do not have one, it is a good time to consider having one installed. Ventilation fans will help balance the humidity in your bathrooms and deter mold from growing. Use your ventilation fan while showering and leave it on for about thirty minutes after you are done showering. 

Reseal Your Decayed Tile Grout 

Your bathroom tile grouts are bound to show decay after a certain amount of time. If you notice any of the grout looking discolored or decayed, take initiative and reseal the grout as soon as possible. There are plenty of grout sealers available in stores for an affordable price. 

Hire Professional Help

If you are not motivated to clean your own bathrooms or do not feel like you are doing an adequate job cleaning them, hiring a cleaning service would be beneficial. Cleaning companies have the right products and can keep mold from growing or spreading. 

Professional Mold Removal In Boston, MA: Moldguys Restoration 

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