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How Do I Know if There Is Mold Behind My Walls?

Home News How Do I Know if There Is Mold Behind My Walls?

Mold is unpleasant, unwanted and unruly for all homeowners. Nobody wants to see it present in their home, but it is not always visible. Sometimes you have good reason to suspect mold growth in your homes, but in many cases you might not realize until its too late. For example, mold behind walls is often a covert affair, with serious repercussions. Here are the best things to do and lookout for to detect mold behind walls before they become a bigger problem. 

1. Be Proactive With Unusual Odors

We all know an odd odor around our home when we smell it. Sometimes they go away after short period of time but sometimes they linger. If the unusual odor is still hanging around after a couple of days, try to sniff out the source of the smell. If your sniffing takes you close to your walls, it could be a sign the is hidden mold growth inside your walls.

2. Keep An Eye Out For Discoloration On Walls 

There are many walls around our homes and none of us want to spend significant time looking closely at them. With that being said, it is still important to keep a sharp eye out when walking around your home. Mold growth behind a wall is often a byproduct of water damage. When water damage impacts your walls, damp stains usually stand out on the walls surface. When part of your walls colors do not look right, do not stand pat, rather take initiative. 

What Problems Can Mold Behind Walls Cause? 

Mold hidden behind your walls still has the same impact as mold found throughout other places in your home and is not any less of a problem. When there is mold behind your wall and you do nothing about it, it will continue to do damage to your homes interior. There is always a trickle down effect with mold. It doe not just impact the surface it is on but the people around it as well. Mold will always hamper the air quality of an environment whenever it is present. Everybody wants the best air quality possible inside their homes, so when you detect mold, no matter where it is, have a plan to be rid of it. 

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