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How Do I Prevent Basement Mold This Summer?

Home Blog How Do I Prevent Basement Mold This Summer?

The days are quickly getting hotter and more humid. Summer will officially be here in a month but it feels like it’s already here! If you have a basement in your home, you are probably looking forward to using it to relax this summer. While you may be excited to use your basement this Summer, if mold had feelings, it would probably be excited too. Mold tends to thrive in many basements in the summertime. To avoid mold growth affecting your summer basement relaxation, here are some tips you can deploy. 

Clean Your Basement Once A Week

Cleaning your basement once a week in the summertime will drastically decrease the chance mold grows in the area. Wiping down surfaces with disinfecting wipes and vacuuming your basement will go a long way. 

Take Water Damage Seriously 

Many basements are prone to water damage. Sometimes there just is not much a homeowner can do to stop it. When water damage strikes your basement, it is essential to be proactive and get the area dried as soon as possible. Wipe down what you can and use a dehumidifier if you have one handy. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after water damage occurs so do not wait around. 

Do Not Hoard Items 

Before Summer is in full swing, it is a good time to declutter your basement. You just might be surprised how many old and unuseful household items you are keeping around can lead to mold. 

Utilize A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will have many benefits in the Summertime. When a dehumidifier is in action, it will create a balanced humidity. A dehumidifier could be just what your basement needs. If your basement is often plagued by weird odors, a dehumidifier could help solve the problem. 

Team Up With The Professionals

Professional mold companies can help you limit or prevent mold in your basement altogether this Summer. If you believe your basement could use some work from professionals, do not hesitate to contact MoldGuys Restoration! We are one of the leaders in Mold remediation and removal! 


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