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How to Prepare Yourself From Mold Growth in The Winter in New England

Home Blog How to Prepare Yourself From Mold Growth in The Winter in New England

As the holiday seasons and colder weather approaches us, we are at a time where we use heat in our homes frequently to stay warm. Unfortunately for homeowners, mold can start growing in the winter season on your home’s inside walls, specifically on surfaces that are closer to the outside of your home.

When there is excessive moisture indoors, water damage may not be the only problem. Mold can grow on paper, carpet, wood and even foods. This can cause serious health issues and allergies to your family and house guests.

Although there is no particular way to remove all molds and molds spores in an indoor environment, there are some helpful tips on how to prevent mold growth during the winter season.

  • Control moisture indoors
  • Regular vacuuming and cleaning especially in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in your home that can cause a lot of moisture
  • Repair leaks in your roof or windows as soon as possible
  • Maintain gutters and downspouts as well as under your downspouts so that water from your roof can flow away from your home
  • Be sure to keep your dryer for clothes vented to the outdoors
  • Attic should be well insulated and ventilated
  • Cover crawl space with waterproof polyethylene plastic. If you have vents on your crawlspace, be sure to close vents in the summertime and keep them open during the winter

If you have any suspicion of mold forming in your home, contact Moldguys Restoration LLC today for your mold removal services. We specialize in mold removal, damage, cleanup and restoration services.


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