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The Best Ways to Keep a Garage Dry This Winter

Home Blog The Best Ways to Keep a Garage Dry This Winter

It becomes a top priority to keep our homes dry and warm during winter. Emphasis is placed in the rooms as we turn the heaters and to ensure we keep warm: After all, nobody wants to live in the cold for the next few months. While we do this, we forget an important part of the home — the garage. Many homeowners fail to prepare the garage for winter and this negligence comes with a wide range of issues. Here are some important reasons why you should keep your garage as dry as possible in the Winter. 

1. Lessens Chance Mold Grows

First and foremost, keeping your garage as dry as possible in the wintertime will decrease the chances of wet spots occurring. Wet spots in a garage are notorious for leading to mold growth

2. Preserves Your Floor Painting

When you keep the garage dry, your floor paintings will last longer and remain vibrant. A wet garage will hold moisture which will affect the integrity and durability of the painting. This will eventually lead to small cracks that may expand as time progresses.

3. Protects Your Belongings

The garage is home to some of your belongings which makes life easier for you. So, it is important to ensure they are kept safe for a while. When your garage is wet, the high humidity and moisture levels can affect your belongings in the garage and may tamper with the product’s durability.

4. Protect yourself

Last but certainly not least, a dry garage increases safety. A wet garage can put you at risk of falling or slipping. The last thing anyone wants to experience is slip in their garage. 

Ways to Keep Your Garage Dry This Winter

Keeping your garage dry is quite easy as there are simple tricks that ensure it stays dry and pristine at all times:

Dry off your vehicle before parking

How many homeowners completely dry their vehicles before parking them in the garage? Almost none. All you need to do is wipe your car with a clean, dry towel during rainy weather or use a snow rake to get rid of snow buildup before driving into the garage. This simple, yet significant procedure will reduce the moisture level in your car’s garage.

Apply a coating on your flooring

A floor coating goes beyond improving the aesthetic feel of your garage, it can also lower the condensation level in your garage. 

Remove that Old Freezer

As much as you need to consider space in your home, that old freezer in your garage is responsible for the condensation problems in your garage. Fluctuating temperatures can cause water leaks.

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