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Water Damage In Wareham MA

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As spring approaches many people are now returning to their Cape homes that have been closed up all winter long. And after a long winter of no activity, a lot can happen to a home, including bursting pipes and water damage.

The Moldguys Restoration team has been busy with a large water damage cleanup job in Wareham MA. This home on a beautiful lot overlooking the water was used as a summer home and upon returning to the home in early spring after closing up for the winter the homeowners were not happy to find extensive water damage to their home. Over the winter the pipes had burst, filling the home up with about a foot of water for 3-5 days before anyone even knew.

The homeowners got a call from the water department informing them that their house was flooded. The water was so bad it was spilling out from the sides of their home and flooding the street. As you can imagine this left the home with a large amount of water damage.

That is when the homeowners called us, the experts in water damage restoration. We had worked on their first home in Weston, MA over the last winter and they knew that could trust our team to get the job done fast and efficiently. When it comes to water damage, especially one of this scale, it is important to work fast in order to prevent mold growth. We specialize in water damage strategies to prevent mold growth within 24 to 48 hours.

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