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What If My New Home Has Mold?

Home Blog What If My New Home Has Mold?

Buying a new home and moving in can be an exciting time, but finding mold spots in your new home can dampen the excitement. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners every year who encounter sudden mold growth shortly after moving into their new home. Below, we will explain what steps to follow if you discover mold in your new home. 

1. Keep In Mind That Mold Can Spread

Being proactive with mold growth is the best way to prevent it from becoming a major issue. Mold can spread quickly so the sooner you acknowledge its presence, the sooner the problem can go away. 

2. Mold Is Not Good For Anyone’s Health

Mold can have a negative effect on indoor air quality so anyone breathing in air in an area where mold is present can experience an uncomfortable environment. For those who already have pre-existing health conditions, breathing in poor indoor air quality is not ideal. 

3. Mold Can Destroy Property 

Mold can do more damage than one might think. Once mold starts to spread, it can affect areas such as HVAC units. Once mold starts to spread to an HVAC unit it can become difficult to contain and manage. 


Every homeowner wants to move into a mold-free home. The best way to ensure that is to be as diligent as possible during the home-buying process. Conduct a mold inspection before purchasing any home. If you need assistance with a mold inspection, do not hesitate to hire a mold removal company. It is also important not to just take a homeowner’s word that a home is mold-free. Oftentimes, the current homeowner does not know the extent of possible mold or is lying in an effort to sell the house. Also, keep an eye out for mold that may be painted over. Painting over mold will not get rid of the issue and can even make it worse. 

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