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Why Mold Thrives in the Summer

Home Blog Why Mold Thrives in the Summer

Mold can grow at any time of year, but it is certainly more prevalent in the summer. Warmer temperatures and summer rains create the perfect environment for mold growth. Fast-growing mold can pose a significant threat to your family’s health and can also damage your property. This article breaks down why mold is most common in the summer and what steps you can take to prevent it. 


High levels of humidity in the summer create a great atmosphere for mold growth. If there is poor ventilation in an area, it can make the environment even better for mold to grow. Check and clean windowsills regularly as it is common for condensation to build up there due to differences in temperature inside and out. You’ll also want to make sure air conditioning units are functioning properly and aren’t causing mold to grow within your home.


The warmer temperatures are another factor that encourage mold growth – and this can cause mold to grow and multiply rapidly. You’ll want to try and keep the temperature down in your home to prevent mold growth. This also means making sure your home is well insulated.

Constant Moisture

Moist conditions create an excellent condition for mold. Consider condensation within insulation materials, the attic, windowsills and other places where moisture may be trapped. You should also think about dead leaves on your roof gutters that can also cause mold to grow on your roof. Moisture can get trapped in the attic as well depending on the roofing materials used and the quality of the construction.

To prevent mold growth, you’ll want to inspect for and eliminate any sources of constant moisture. Check your gutters and attic regularly for mold. 


Water leaks can also be another source of moisture for mold to grow and thrive on. Check for leaks in your basement, roof, and walls. Cleaning regularly and targeting hidden spaces like crawl spaces helps prevent mold growth. 

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As this article has pointed out, inspecting regularly and eliminating mold growth conditions are the best ways to prevent mold from getting out of hand. Mold growth can be a serious health hazard for your family and can create problems for your home, so it is important to keep it under control and catch it early if it does occur. If you do find mold in your home, contact Moldguys Restoration LLC. We’re the experts in mold remediation and removal in the Bridgewater MA area and beyond. We provide thorough and quality services to protect your home from harmful mold. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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