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How Do I Stop Mold From Coming Back?

Home Mold How Do I Stop Mold From Coming Back?

No homeowner likes seeing mold, but sometimes it is inevitable. Mold’s presence can be frustrating, but what is more frustrating is mold coming back after you clean and remediate the area. Cleaning a mold spot requires time, effort, and money. To make sure your time, effort and money does not go to waste, here are five strategies to implement to decrease the chance mold comes back to a certain spot. 

1. Do Not Keep Moldy Objects Around 

Sounds simple enough right? You would be surprised how often moldy objects are kept around a house. Mold spreads quickly. Getting rid of moldy items anywhere will prevent it from wreaking havoc in your home. Common moldy objects include drywall, rugs, and furniture. 

2. Keep Your Home Organized 

In an untidy home, it can be difficult to notice mold spots. An untidy environment is also inviting for mold to grow. While it is not always easy to keep a home clean, being proactive with the tidiness of your home will go a long way. 

3. Control Moisture Levels

Controlling the moisture levels inside your home can reduce the chances mold grows. When moisture levels are too high, mold is prone to grow. 

4. Routinely Look Around 

All it takes sometimes is a typical inspection to keep mold from growing. It is important to check your pipes, faucets, siding, and gutters regularly to ensure mold is not growing without your knowledge. Checking on an area that recently had mold remediated is also a good idea. 

5. Use Ventilation 

Most homes are now equipped with some form of ventilation. Using ventilation in areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements, can prevent mold from building up. Proper ventilation will not only lessen the chances mold grows but make your home healthier too. 

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