Mold in Attic

Why is There Mold in My Attic?

Whether you dread a trip to the attic or spend time in it frequently, there is a possibility for mold. Fortunately, those that spend more time in their attics have the ability to spot mold quickly. The faster you identify and treat mold concerns in your home, the better your health and home will be. Here are a handful of possible reasons mold exists in your attic. 

Roof Leaks Cause Mold

Mold grows in moist environments. The most apparent cause of moisture in an attic is a potential leak. While there may be a leak in your roof, it can be hard to see. Roof leaks do not always pour through the ceiling like a waterfall. Instead, it can be a slow leak in a difficult-to-notice location. Check for soft spots, moisture, or bubbling paint near the mold to determine if a leak is present.

Poor Ventilation

Another cause of mold in an attic is the result of poor ventilation. When moisture has nowhere to escape, it remains in the attic, thus causing mold growth. Many attics rely on soffit ventilation, which is often adequate. Unfortunately, soffit vents can be easily blocked by insulation or other debris. You may notice mold growing in your attic when air cannot flow properly.

Too Much Moisture Exposure

Since moisture is the cause of mold, an attic with mold is an attic with moisture. If you’ve checked for roof leaks and found none and ensured the ventilation is not blocked, you may want to consider where moisture may be coming from. If you have vents in your bathrooms that do not work properly, the air will not circulate. It will rise to the attic, where it likely lacks adequate ventilation to handle the excess. The same is true for a broken dryer vent, as it will also send hot air upward into the attic.

Warm Air Below the Attic Causes Mold

Does your home have the proper ventilation inside? When the air below the attic is too warm, it can create condensation inside the space. Condensation breeds mold. The difference between the air inside the home and the air in the attic can be a problem. Be sure that ventilation is adequate in both the attic and your home to prevent a mold issue.

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Mold growing

Mold Awareness Month

Every September is Mold Awareness Month. While mold is hard to prevent in most cases, stopping it from growing is very much in everyone’s control. This blog will cover why mold should not be neglected on a property. 

Why Is September Mold Awareness Month?

While mold can be prevalent at any point in the year, September is a popular month for growth. This is due to the fact September is a month that is both warm and humid. Two conditions that mold loves. 

What Do I Need To Know About Mold?

  • Mold is a problem for property owners and the property itself
  • Mold can grow in less than 24 hours
  • Mold can affect allergies
  • Mold thrives in moist conditions
  • Mold can technically be anywhere 

How Do I Prevent Mold Growth In September?

There are many measures property owners can take to mitigate mold growth in September. 

  • Keep humidity low. When the weather is hot and humidity is low, mold can grow quickly. A good way to balance out the humidity and heat is to have a dehumidifier handy. A dehumidifier can not only help you mitigate mold, but it can also help keep you comfortable as well!  
  • Do not ignore any leaks. Whether it is a leaky pipe or ceiling, address the situation as soon as possible. Water is often a source for mold
  • Do not forget to ventilate. Most bathrooms these days are equipped with a ventilation fan. Leaving a ventilation fan on for roughly 25 minutes after a shower is an ideal way to minimize the chances mold can spawn. 

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Mold on wall

How To Minimize Mold At The End Of Summer

Summer is nearing its end but it is no time to let your guard down in terms of maintaining your home. Mold is a term no homeowner likes to hear and it can be prevalent in homes late in the summertime. Mold is a never ending issue because it can grow on carpets, clothes and even on things you cannot really see. Not only can mold affect the property it is on, but it can also irritate your body. Here are five things homeowners should look for to decrease the chances of mold affecting them at this time of year. 

#1. Inspect Vulnerable Areas For Mold Around Your Property 

On any property, there are certain areas that are more susceptible to mold than others. Take a quick look around areas of your home where it might be conducive for mold to form. This could be your basement, windows, or wall stains. 

#2. If Something is Wet, Dry It Immediately 

Mold excels with moisture. If a pipe is leaking, wipe it down right away. If you spill liquid on a carpet, also clean it off right away. After you wash your clothes in the washer, move it to the dryer as soon as possible. Leaving wet clothes together for an extended period of time can help mold grow. 

#3 Clean Your Gutters 

Cleaning gutters is a task many homeowners either ignore or neglect in the summertime. With summertime winding down, now is an ideal time to clean the gutter system. Over time gutters will accumulate dirt, leaves and other debris. If this is the case with your gutter, there could be water clogged up inside your gutter. Water running down the sides of your property can lead to wet walls which in turn can become mold. 

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Basement Mold Job

Why You Should Choose MoldGuys For Mold Services

Unfortunately, mold is part of our everyday lives. It can be found almost anywhere we go and it is never something pleasant to see. It is important to understand that all mold needs to form is moisture and oxygen. On top of that, mold growth can happen in a hurry. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat mold. Here are reasons you should team up with MoldGuys Restoration when excessive mold crops up. 

We Understand Mold Growth 

At MoldGuys Restoration, our team has decades of experience dealing with mold. Mold is not always so visible. Our team can spot mold that lives in the dark and the common places in your home mold is likely to grow. Our team can diligently examine your kitchen, basement, attic, carpets, tiles, drains, etc., and help you pinpoint the mold if you can sense it but cannot locate it. Our team is always equipped to handle mold that grows indoor and even outdoors. 

We Understand The Different Types Of Mold

Mold comes in all shapes, sizes, and strands. Most mold strands are mild and harmless, but a strand such as black mold should not be taken lightly. It is never ideal to be exposed to Black mold and its presence can affect your home in a negative way as well. 

We Always Look Out For Our Customers 

At MoldGuys restoration, we always take great pride in making sure our customers our happy. This is why we never take providing high-quality customer service lightly. We also accept insurance claims and will never be satisfied until our customers are. 

We Can Offer Solutions To Improve Air Quality 

Indoor air quality is as important as ever and our team can offer multiple solutions to enhance the air quality inside your property. Our team can inspect your home’s intake systems and make the necessary adjustments. 

We Always Look Forward To Helping Whoever We Can

At MoldGuys Restoration we love helping out our communities. The next time you need help tackling a mold problem, do not hesitate to contact our team! We can get the job done right in no time! 

Why Does My Home Have So Much Mold In The Summer?

Summer is officially here and we are sure most of you are happy with the start of the new season. Nicer, warmer weather to go along with more sunlight. Cannot complain about that right? While you may be happy with what Summer mostly offers, you cannot be happy if there is an excessive amount of mold present. Safe to say that for most homes, mold is the worst during the summer months. Continue reading along to learn more about why your home may be prevalent with mold growth this time of year and how to handle it.  

Summer Mold Growth

Mold is a living organism that thrives on growing in the Summertime. Mold loves growing in the Summertime because the Summer climate essentially serves as an invitation too. The high levels of summer humidity and excessive moisture are all mold needs. Other factors that will help mold grow is the temperature inside your home and the amount of oxygen it receives. 

How Do I Stop Mold From Entering My Home?

Nobody wants mold in their homes but sometimes there is nothing you can do. As much as you may want to stop mold from entering your home, it can grow on almost anything. Sometimes the best you can do is just mitigate the chances it grows in your home. 

Can Mold Be Present If I Cannot See It?

Yes! Sometimes mold is easy to spot, but in many cases, it is not easy to spot. If you suspect mold in your home but cannot spot it, look out for:

  • Unpleasant musty odors
  • Water Leaks
  • Allergic symptoms inside your home

What Do I Do To Limit Mold Growth This Summer?

There are a few ways you can prevent a mold outbreak in your home this Summer. For starters, make sure the humidity level in your home does not get too high. Anything about 50 percent is considered a high humidity level. A humidity level meter can be acquired at your local home improvement store. A dehumidifier for your home would likely help limit mold growth as well. 

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Open Windows

Will Opening My Windows Reduce Mold?

No tenant or landlord will want to deal with mold. This fungus is not only unsightly but can ruin your property and even pose a threat to your family. So, what’s the best way to reduce mold in your home?

You guessed right; opening your windows can help reduce mold in your home. By doing this, excess moisture will flow outside rather than settle on your ceiling, floors, and walls. This method can be effective because, without the right amount of moisture indoors, mold won’t grow.

When Is Opening Your Windows Not Helpful To Reduce Mold?

As much as opening your windows can prove helpful, you should know that it isn’t always a go-to method. There are cases whereby it doesn’t work, like:

●      When the relative humidity outdoors is greater than 60%.

Opening your windows when it’s humid outside will only bring in more moisture. You will need to opt for other ways to control your humidity indoors, which will be discussed later in this post.

●      When it’s raining outside.

If you open your windows when it’s raining outside, you’ll only be giving room to more moisture into your property.

●      When you’re experiencing a severe case of mold.

Opening your windows can be effective when you’re dealing with minor cases of mold. But if you’re experiencing a severe case, this method might not work so well. In essence, before going ahead to open your windows, first, be sure if it’s a minor or severe case of mold you’re dealing with. And if it’s a minor case, make sure the humidity outside is low to allow moisture to flow out properly.

Now that you know opening your windows doesn’t work in some cases, what are other ways to control mold in your home?

Other Ways to Reduce Moisture and Control Mold

As discussed earlier, opening your windows isn’t always the best method, especially when the humidity outside is greater than 60%, or it’s too cold, raining, etc.

So what are other effective methods to control mold in your home?

  • If you have moisture-releasing plants in your home, try moving them outside.
  • Turn on your fans when you cook and shower.
  • Get yourself a good dehumidifier.
  • Don’t air-dry your clothes indoors (either use a dryer or air-dry them outdoors).
  • Purchase plants that wick moisture.
  • If you find any leaks in your home, try fixing them as soon as possible.
  • Buy charcoal bags that help absorb moisture. You can DIY moisture-absorbing bags from rock salt or silica gel packs.
  • Make sure your home’s ventilation system is working accurately.


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Mold Damage after a flood

How To Stop Mold Growth After A Flood

There is potential for heavy rains and serious flooding during the spring season. Coupled with the threat of mold outbreaks that can damage home furnishings and cause health problems for people with a compromised immune system, asthma, and allergies. To control mold growth, you need to attack the problem within 24 to 48 hours of flooding. Minor mold outbreaks can be tackled using a mixture of detergent and water with a little elbow grease. Here is a guide on minimizing mold growth after dealing with a flood. 

Tips For Mold Cleanup After A Flood

If you have a compromised immune system or respiratory problems, dealing with mold can no longer be a DIY project. This is because prolonged exposure to mold and the use of bleach can pose a threat to people with specific health issues If you’re not dealing with such health problems, you can follow these safe cleanup tips to tackle mold growth.

  • Cleanup and dry out the affected areas as fast as possible. Open windows and doors, and also use dehumidifiers and fans.


  • Take away all porous items that have been wet for over 48 hours and can’t be easily cleaned and dried. These items can serve as a source of mold growth.


Porous, difficult-to-clean items are upholstery, ceiling tiles, some clothing, carpeting and carpet padding, insulation material, drywall, paper, food, wallpaper, leather, some wood and wood products. Removal and cleanup are essential because dead mold can also cause allergic reactions.


  • Clean surfaces and wet items with a mixture of detergent and water to combat mold growth


  • Store discarded or damaged items outside your house temporarily till you can process insurance claims


  • For molds caused by flood and hard-to-clean with the detergent solution, you can try a mixture of 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water


If the floodwaters have affected your heating or air conditioning, do not turn it on and let a qualified professional handle it for you. All surfaces and components of a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system soaked during a flood are potential sources for dirt, microorganisms, and debris, including mold and bacteria. Another reason why all parts of the HVAC system should be utterly inspected, cleaned of debris and dirt, and disinfected by a professional remediation service.

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Mildew on Plant

Comparing Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew both fall under the classification of fungi and thrive in damp, moist areas. Since Mold and Mildew share a lot of similarities, they often get mistaken for one another. Despite their similarities, mold, and mildew are not the same thing and it is important to distinguish the two. 

Main Difference 

One of the main differences between mold and mildew is the coloring. Most of the time, mildew will have a white or yellow coloring. When mold is present, it is usually green or black. 

Main Similarity 

One of the main similarities these two fungi share is the common areas they like to grow in. You can expect to find mold and mildew on floors, walls, ceilings and even food. 

Which One is Worse?

While no homeowner wants Mold or Mildew on their property, mold takes the cake in terms of being worse. The effects of mold are more significant in every aspect. Not only can mold ruin surfaces it is on, but it can also only pose a health concern for those who are exposed to it. Mold can have a significant effect on indoor air quality and affect those with certain allergies. 

Can I Get Rid of These on My Own?

When most homeowners see mold or mildew, it is common to want to remove it right away. With Mildew, there are many cleaning agents available that can get the job done. Mold on the other hand is much more complicated and usually requires professional help. Homeowners are usually capable of handling small-scale mold growth but not more than that. If you attempt to tackle a mildew or mold issue by yourself, it is essential to wear cleaning gloves. 

How Can I Decrease the Chance of These Fungi Growing?

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent mildew or mold from growing but one can always decrease the chances of them from occurring. One of the best ways homeowners can decrease the chances of fungi growing on their property is with the use of dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers can maintain proper moisture levels and promote air quality. 

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Mold on outside wall

Preventive Mold Tips This Spring

The days are quickly getting warmer and warmer and Spring is almost in view. Each Spring brings something new but what never changes about Spring are the high amounts of allergies kicking in and rises in mold. Spring is usually the season mold thrives the most. Mold is a nuisance in every which way. Preventing mold is often in the control of homeowners. Here are the best preventive mold tips to follow when the calendar turns to Spring. 

Be Proactive With Spills and Leaks 

Sometimes spills and leaks can cease or dissolve by themselves but it is never a good thing to let that happen. Liquid spills and water leaks can turn into mold spots before you know it. If you know you spilled something or see a leak, address the situation right away. In addition, water can splash easily in areas you use a sink. Always keep in mind to dry wet surfaces and spots. 

Try To Keep Moisture Levels Balanced 

When moisture levels are excessively high, it invites mold to start growing. Use devices such as a ventilation fan or a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low. 

Take Shorter Showers 

Most of us enjoy the showers but spending more time than necessary using the showers increases the chances mold will grow. Shower for as long as you believe is right but it is recommended to keep showers under 15 minutes. 

Minimize Condensation 

You can probably find condensation somewhere in your home every day. When you see condensation, wipe it down right away. 

Take Care Of Your Gutters 

When you take care of your gutters, they will take care of you. It is a two-way street when it comes to gutters. Gutters can easily clog up and it is on homeowners to ensure that does not happen. 

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Mold in Kitchen

How Do I Prevent Mold In My Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place in your home for relaxation and comfort. The last thing you ever want to find in your kitchen is mold spores or growth. While you are more likely to find mold spots in your bathroom or basement, mold does not shy away from the kitchen either. Mold can impact your home’s air quality among other things. With all that being said, here are the best strategies you can implement to decrease the chances of mold appearing in your kitchen. 

#1 Keep Your Kitchen Clean 

This goes without saying. Most of you most likely already do everything you can to keep your kitchen clean, but if you do not fall into that category, it is time to do so. Keeping your kitchen clean will go a long way when it comes to preventing mold growth. Kitchens can get dirty in a hurry so always keep a sharp eye out and wipe down wet spots, and stains as you see them. 

#2 Check For Leaks 

Kitchens are rooms with numerous pipes. It does not hurt to regularly check your pipes and make sure there are no leakage points. 

#3 Do Not Keep Rotten Food

This is common sense. Our eyes can tell us a lot. As soon as you see rotten or spoiled food in your kitchen toss it. Even food is not rotten or spoiled on the surface, if you suspect something is wrong with it, get rid of it. 

#4 Wash Kitchen Items Carefully 

Washing items is not a challenging task, but should not be done swiftly. Washing dishes cutting boards etc. should be done diligently and with the proper care. Fungi can grow on dirty kitchen items if you allow it to. 

#5 Keep Carpet and Rugs Out of Your Kitchen

Carpet and rugs are meant for areas in a home not named the kitchen. Carpets and rugs can easily absorb what is produced in a kitchen. What carpets and rugs usually absorb can produce mold so it is best to keep carpet and rugs out of the kitchen space. 

Professional Mold Remediation in Boston, MA: Moldguys Restoration

When you have mold in your kitchen or other areas of your home, leave it to our mold experts to take care of the issue for you. We are certified, experienced, and reliable. Contact us today!