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Most Common Areas for Mold Growth

Home Mold Most Common Areas for Mold Growth

Molds presence can cause an inconvenience. It is always wise to check for mold growth in your home and address it promptly to prevent it from growing. Here are some common places for mold growth to check around your house.  

The Bathroom

The damp environment of the bathroom is suited for mold to grow. Moreover, if your bathroom does not have proper ventilation, it gets more inviting for molds. So, before anywhere else, check your bathroom shower and bathtub, sink and toilet, walls and floors of your bathroom. 

Some ways to prevent mold growth in the bathroom are:

  • Install a proper ventilation system
  • Dehumidify the place
  • Keep the place clean and dry
  • Make sure there aren’t any pipe leaks or damages. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen has several damp places, plus leftover food, spills, and garbage cans. These things can attract mold like a moth to a flame. Also, there are several places for mold to grow in the kitchen. These areas include in or around the kitchen sink, near the refrigerator, microwave or stoves, and walls, floors, or windows. Remember to clean up any spills or leftovers before leaving the place overnight.  

The Bedroom

Although most people don’t think that mold can grow in the bedroom, there is plenty of room for them to do so. Some places to check for mold growth in the bedroom are on your mattress, on or around the windows, and in or around the air conditioner.

The Living Room

The living room is another common place for mold growth. From snacks and meals, while watching TV to indoor plants with damp soils, there are many areas where mold can easily make home. Some places to check are couches and drapes, indoor plants, and fireplaces.

The Basement

Last but not least, the basement of a home is often where mold can be found. It is always best to keep your basement as clean as possible to minimize mold growth. 

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