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What Can Happen if Water Damage is Ignored?

Home Mold What Can Happen if Water Damage is Ignored?

Water damage can happen due to several reasons: pipe leaks, floods, or faulty sewage systems. It can cause several problems, and if you do not deal with it promptly, it may lead to significant damage or mold growth. So, it is important to address water damage as soon as you find it. Here are some typical consequences of putting off water damage restoration.

Structural or Foundation Damage

The biggest issue that water damage can cause is structural or foundational damage. These include the foundation base and form, walls, ceilings, and other parts of the structure. If you do not treat it timely, it can cause cracks or shifts, which can lead to permanent damage or cause it to collapse.

Mold or Fungi Growth and Infestations

Another major disaster that water damage can cause is mold or fungi growth. Although you usually have 24-48 hours before these things start growing and causing health concerns, it is better to address them promptly. Furthermore, damp or moist structures or standing water is  can attract pests. 

Increased Insurance Costs

It is a fact that less damage will cost less money and widespread damage will be more expensive. It is the same if you have insurance. Insurance premiums are higher in high-risk situations such as water damage.

Emotionally Draining 

Dealing with the aftermath of water damage can take a toll on someone emotionally. Water damage tends to cause a fair amount of stress, so it is best to avoid the situation if possible. 

Electrical Issues or Short Circuits

Another major problem with water damage is that it spreads. If you do not take care of it promptly, it can reach circuits or switches, which can cause short circuits or fire hazards. 


These are all the damages that ignoring water damage can cause. So, being proactive with water damage can make it less expensive and severe. Never hesitate to call a professional mold company when you encounter water damage. They have the necessary tools and equipment to treat water damage and can minimize the chances it happens in the future.  

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