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How To Minimize Mold At The End Of Summer

Home Mold How To Minimize Mold At The End Of Summer

Summer is nearing its end but it is no time to let your guard down in terms of maintaining your home. Mold is a term no homeowner likes to hear and it can be prevalent in homes late in the summertime. Mold is a never ending issue because it can grow on carpets, clothes and even on things you cannot really see. Not only can mold affect the property it is on, but it can also irritate your body. Here are five things homeowners should look for to decrease the chances of mold affecting them at this time of year. 

#1. Inspect Vulnerable Areas For Mold Around Your Property 

On any property, there are certain areas that are more susceptible to mold than others. Take a quick look around areas of your home where it might be conducive for mold to form. This could be your basement, windows, or wall stains. 

#2. If Something is Wet, Dry It Immediately 

Mold excels with moisture. If a pipe is leaking, wipe it down right away. If you spill liquid on a carpet, also clean it off right away. After you wash your clothes in the washer, move it to the dryer as soon as possible. Leaving wet clothes together for an extended period of time can help mold grow. 

#3 Clean Your Gutters 

Cleaning gutters is a task many homeowners either ignore or neglect in the summertime. With summertime winding down, now is an ideal time to clean the gutter system. Over time gutters will accumulate dirt, leaves and other debris. If this is the case with your gutter, there could be water clogged up inside your gutter. Water running down the sides of your property can lead to wet walls which in turn can become mold. 

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