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Preventive Mold Tips This Spring

Home Mold Preventive Mold Tips This Spring

The days are quickly getting warmer and warmer and Spring is almost in view. Each Spring brings something new but what never changes about Spring are the high amounts of allergies kicking in and rises in mold. Spring is usually the season mold thrives the most. Mold is a nuisance in every which way. Preventing mold is often in the control of homeowners. Here are the best preventive mold tips to follow when the calendar turns to Spring. 

Be Proactive With Spills and Leaks 

Sometimes spills and leaks can cease or dissolve by themselves but it is never a good thing to let that happen. Liquid spills and water leaks can turn into mold spots before you know it. If you know you spilled something or see a leak, address the situation right away. In addition, water can splash easily in areas you use a sink. Always keep in mind to dry wet surfaces and spots. 

Try To Keep Moisture Levels Balanced 

When moisture levels are excessively high, it invites mold to start growing. Use devices such as a ventilation fan or a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low. 

Take Shorter Showers 

Most of us enjoy the showers but spending more time than necessary using the showers increases the chances mold will grow. Shower for as long as you believe is right but it is recommended to keep showers under 15 minutes. 

Minimize Condensation 

You can probably find condensation somewhere in your home every day. When you see condensation, wipe it down right away. 

Take Care Of Your Gutters 

When you take care of your gutters, they will take care of you. It is a two-way street when it comes to gutters. Gutters can easily clog up and it is on homeowners to ensure that does not happen. 

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