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Should I Throw Away Certain Items After A Mold Removal?

Home Mold Should I Throw Away Certain Items After A Mold Removal?

Mold growth is a serious matter and has a notable trickle-down effect. Mold can even hamper your indoor air quality. When an area of your property is contaminated with mold, the situation can worsen quickly. Tackling mold spots when you see them is paramount because it can take mold spores less than a day to produce damage. When mold is present, not only can it be harmful to the surface it is on, but to the people near it as well. If your home items are affected by mold, you will probably wonder what you should keep and what to toss. Yes, there will be certain items you are better off throwing away after it is affected by mold. We will help you make that determination here. 

Items With Mold You Should Throw Away 

Even after a mold removal process is complete, you should not hold onto items you no longer need if they had mold on them. These types of items are: 

Anything Made out of Paper: Books, Paper, Cardboard etc. 

Absorbent Material such as: Carpet, Padding, Stuffed Animals, etc. 

Food: Any food or snacks contaminated or exposed to Mold should be not be kept

Keeping these items could bring mold back or lead to the problem persisting. 

Items With Mold That You Can Keep

Not every item affected by mold needs to be thrown away.  The type of items you can keep are:

Solid Items: Strong items made of metal or glass

Apparel: It is not uncommon for fabric to absorb mold. Once you notice mold on your clothing, wipe the mold off outside and wash the piece of clothing. 

Electronic Items & Appliances: Electronic items and appliances can withstand mold presence. With that being said, do clean off any mold on your electronic devices as soon as possible. While you can keep electronic items that have been exposed to mold, mold can still do damage if it enters certain ports. 

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