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Tearing Down A Bathroom & Putting It Back

Home General Information Tearing Down A Bathroom & Putting It Back

There comes a time for some homeowners when tearing down a current bathroom is beneficial. Whether it is a Do-It-Yourself project or one done by hired professionals, there are aspects homeowners should know before getting started. Here is a guide on when it comes to tearing down a bathroom & putting it back together. 

Consider The Reason or Reasons For Tear Down

Homeowners should have a good reason or reasons for going through on a bathroom teardown project. Every case for a bathroom teardown will be different but some common reasons are due to mold damage, poor insulation, and outdated flooring. 

Prepare The Bathroom To Be Torn Down

Preparation is key to any remodeling project. If you are tearing down the bathroom without any professional assistance, make sure to have the proper tools at your disposal. These tools can be but are not limited to:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Pry Bar
  • Wrench 

A bathroom demolition can get quite messy. To keep the area as clean as possible during the teardown, clean out the area the best you can before getting started. To avoid losing items you want to keep after the teardown is complete, store certain items in the rooms. 

Next, take down whatever you can from your bathroom walls. This could be mirrors, cabinets, shelves, etc. Removing what you can from your walls can prevent them from being damaged during the process. If you are still satisfied with the mirrors, cabinets, and shelves in your current bathroom, you can put them back up after the teardown is finished. 

Lastly, remove the toilet if necessary but only do so if you have experience in removing toliets. 

How Long Does A Bathroom Demolition Take?

A bathroom can be demolished in as little as one or two days. Once demolished, it usually takes a weeks time to put it back together. 

Bathroom Demolition and Restoration Services in Bridgewater, MA: Moldguys Restoration 

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