dirty air duct

Why Air Duct Cleanings Are Worth It

When you wake from a deep sleep and take in your first conscious breath of the day, you want the air to be fresh and clean. Unfortunately, if you’ve skipped an air duct cleaning recently, that may not be the case. You may be surprised at what an air duct cleaning can do for the air in your home and your HVAC system! Here are a few ways air duct cleanings can benefit you and your property. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality with an Air Duct Cleaning

The air quality would be hard to ignore if tiny particles were visible. Pet dander and hair, dust, carbon monoxide, cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke, and pesticides are just a handful of pollutants commonly found in homes. Breathing in these pollutants on a regular basis can cause a litany of illnesses. Mitigate those chances by having your air duct cleaned. 

Create a Healthier Environment

The pollutants in your home do not only impact the air quality but the overall environment as well. Pollutants land on surfaces, creating further concern for illnesses.

  1. Bedding
  2. Countertops
  3. Tables
  4. Flooring
  5. Open shelving

It is a good idea to frequently clean surfaces that are exposed to pollutants. However, an air duct cleaning will ensure that contaminants in your home are kept to a minimum. With minimal pollutants in the air, minimal pollutants will dirty your surfaces. 

Enhance HVAC Efficiency

When dust and debris collect in your air ducts, the airflow will slow and cause a challenge for efficiency with your HVAC unit. You may notice that it takes longer for your home to reach the desired temperature or that the airflow from the vents is different from what it used to be. If this is the case for you, an air duct cleaning may be the answer to your problems. Many might think that a new HVAC system is necessary in this situation. You will have the same issue if you install a new system with dirty air ducts. Have your ducts cleaned before making such a large purchase. 

Extend the Life of Your HVAC with Air Duct Cleanings

When you have cluttered air ducts, your HVAC system has to work harder. Because of the consistent hard work, your system will wear out faster. To prevent a short life, consider air duct cleanings on a regular basis. The HVAC will survive far longer if it doesn’t have to work hard daily to maintain the correct temperature.

Professional Air Duct Cleanings: Moldguys Restoration 

Air duct cleanings often get neglected when they should not be. For the betterment of your residential or commercial company, have a professional company like Moldguys Restoration perform an air duct cleaning if your property is overdue for one. Contact us to schedule today! 

Bathroom demo

Tearing Down A Bathroom & Putting It Back

There comes a time for some homeowners when tearing down a current bathroom is beneficial. Whether it is a Do-It-Yourself project or one done by hired professionals, there are aspects homeowners should know before getting started. Here is a guide on when it comes to tearing down a bathroom & putting it back together. 

Consider The Reason or Reasons For Tear Down

Homeowners should have a good reason or reasons for going through on a bathroom teardown project. Every case for a bathroom teardown will be different but some common reasons are due to mold damage, poor insulation, and outdated flooring. 

Prepare The Bathroom To Be Torn Down

Preparation is key to any remodeling project. If you are tearing down the bathroom without any professional assistance, make sure to have the proper tools at your disposal. These tools can be but are not limited to:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Pry Bar
  • Wrench 

A bathroom demolition can get quite messy. To keep the area as clean as possible during the teardown, clean out the area the best you can before getting started. To avoid losing items you want to keep after the teardown is complete, store certain items in the rooms. 

Next, take down whatever you can from your bathroom walls. This could be mirrors, cabinets, shelves, etc. Removing what you can from your walls can prevent them from being damaged during the process. If you are still satisfied with the mirrors, cabinets, and shelves in your current bathroom, you can put them back up after the teardown is finished. 

Lastly, remove the toilet if necessary but only do so if you have experience in removing toliets. 

How Long Does A Bathroom Demolition Take?

A bathroom can be demolished in as little as one or two days. Once demolished, it usually takes a weeks time to put it back together. 

Bathroom Demolition and Restoration Services in Bridgewater, MA: Moldguys Restoration 

Moldguys Restoration professionals can help homeowners tear down their bathrooms and put it back together in no time. Our team has the proper equipment, resources and drive to take on any bathroom demolition project. Get started on your new bathroom today with our team!

Mold on Office ceiling

FAQ’s About Mold In An Office Space

With many of us slowly working our way back towards working in an office again, some things are out of our control. One of these things is the presence of mold in the work environment. Commercial mold does not play favorites and should not be overlooked. Nobody wants to spend their day in a moldy environment, but we are not always privy mold exists. Here is what you need to know about being in an office with excessive mold. 

How Can Mold in My Office Affect My Health? 

Always remember that mold can flourish anywhere indoors. Especially when the humidity is poor, a ceiling leaks, or pipe leaks. If you are someone who has to constantly deal with allergies, mold can affect that. Mold can lead to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and other irritations. In addition, If you experience asthma, mold is not your friend. More often than not, mold exposure impacts those with asthma conditions significantly more than those who do not experience asthma. 

How and When Do I Report Mold Growth In An Office?

It is always important to be proactive with mold growth. As soon as you notice mold growth, notify your discovery to a supervisor or manager as soon as possible. Provide as much detail as you can and ensure you pass along the location of the mold. 

What Happens To Untreated Office Mold?

Sometimes it may be tempting to leave mold the way it is if you believe it is not affecting you. This is the wrong thing to do. Even if the mold is not affecting you, others will not be able to say the same. Untreated mold will only get worse over time and a lot sooner than you expected. 

Can I Handle The Mold In The Office Myself?

Yes, and no. You can wipe down and scrub the mold-infested area with water, but that will not eliminate the problem. Doing this may stop the mold from growing but professional services are probably required to wrap up the issue. 

Professional Commercial Mold Remediation in Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

At Moldguys Restoration, we have been around long enough to know where to find mold in commercial buildings. If you are looking for mold removal regarding office buildings, schools, restaurants, and public buildings, we are the team to turn to. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us with any mold inquiries today. 

Mold Inspector assessing Wall

Getting A Mold Inspection For A New Home

When you buy a new home, it is highly recommended you have a mold inspection done on the property before you move in. Mold is not always easy to spot but can leave a lasting mark if not taken care of properly. Buying a home is always a huge investment and the last thing you want is to be hit with surprises after you already moved in. The cost on a mold inspection will vary but they are worth it and can save your home from a potential damages in the long run. By the time you notice or detect mold, it can be too late. Get ahead of potential mold growth and prevent it by having a mold professional assess areas of your new home. 

Can I Conduct A Mold Inspection Myself?

A mold inspection is not rocket science, but you do need to know what to look for when conducting one. A sharp eye and a working flashlight are helpful tools to inspect mold spots yourself. If you do not know what exactly to look for however, it could be a waste of time. If you want a more advanced inspection, it may be best to call a professional mold company and have them take a look at it. Professional Mold companies have years of experience with mold inspections. Professional Mold companies are also equipped with certain devices, cameras, etc. that make mold inspections more efficient. 

What Does a Professional Home Mold Inspection Look Like? 

When you hire a professional Mold Company to inspect your home for mold, it is pretty straightforward. Once a mold professional arrives on scene, he or she will look around the home for common signs of mold growth. After that, they will test the air quality inside the home with a device. Mold can affect indoor air quality so testing for air purity is a helpful indicator. A professional mold inspector will also be mindful of any leaks. This includes damp areas and the drainage system. 

Professional Mold Inspection Services in Bridgewater, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

Located in East Bridgewater, MA, MoldGuys Restoration proudly offers professional mold inspections. If it is determined that your home has mold, we can also provide mold removal and remediation. We take pride in helping out our communities so do not hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any mold concerns. 

Mold on a basement wall

How Does Mold Exist In My Basement?

Mold can pretty much grow anywhere inside your home. The Summertime is a popular time to find mold in your basement. Even as Summer winds down, it is important to stay vigilant and look out for mold hanging around in your basement. Mold is not always easy to spot, especially in a basement, so be extra watchful. Once you are able to locate mold spots in your basement, understand how it got there. The last thing you want is for the mold to regrow even after you clean it up the first time. There are a few different types of mold that can grow in your basement and it is important to know how it got there. 

Water Leaks

Water leaks are not uncommon in basements. New England has seen its fair share of rain this Summer and when it rains, water can leak into your basement. It will not rain into your basement directly, but impact your basement walls if they are not properly insulated. Wet walls allow mold to thrive. Also keep in mind untreated water leaks that is not caused by rain can also lead to unwanted mold growth. 


Humidity is most relevant in the summertime which means indoor air quality is top of mind. Poor humidity or excessive humidity can create elements that contribute to mold. Every home should have access to a hygrometer. A hygrometer will inform homeowners of the humidity levels inside a home. Managing a home’s humidity is essential in decreasing the chances mold forms. 

Recent Flood

If your basement experienced a recent flood, it is imperative to pull out all stops even when the flood is gone. A recent flood can leave behind damp spots around your basement while also raising moisture levels. It is a good idea to double-check spots in your basement after a flood is cleaned up. Letting a dehumidifier run for a few days in your basement will also do wonders for your basement. 

Professional Mold Remediation and Water Damage Repair in Boston, MA: Mold Guys Restoration 

At Mold Guys Restoration, we are the team for you when you experience mold or water damage in the Boston area. We offer 24/7 Emergency Services and our trained professionals are always ready to help! Contact us right away when you need us! 

Mold on bathroom wall

Why Is There Mold In My Bathroom?

If you have never noticed mold in your bathroom, maybe you are not looking hard enough. Mold thrives in every bathroom. Why is that? This is due to the fact a bathroom’s moisture and temperature are an ideal stomping ground for mold to grow. Mold spores can form every time you wash your hand in the sink, shower, or bathe. Mold feeds off a bathroom’s environment and can accumulate before you know it. Fortunately, there are ways you can mitigate or prevent mold growth in your bathrooms.

How Do I manage Mold in the bathroom? 

Mold is not always preventable but you can decrease the chances of it cropping up by following these steps:

  • Using the proper ventilation

Every bathroom should have ventilation installed. Whenever you shower or bathe, if you have a ventilation fan installed, make sure you turn it on for the duration you are in the bathroom. Poor or no ventilation can cause moisture which can lead to mold. 

  • Addressing leaky sinks, pipes, or toilets 

 Mold can thrive off merely a leaky sink, pipe, and toilet. When you notice a leaky sink, turn off your faucet completely and wipe down the affected area. When you notice a leaking toilet, quickly wipe down the area and see what caused the leaky toilet. Leaky toilets can be quite complicated. If you cannot handle it, do not be afraid to call a professional. Leaky pipes are also tricky. Wipe down the pipe the best you can and contact a plumber if you cannot contain the issue yourself. 

  • Clean Your Bathroom at least Once A Month

Keeping your bathroom clean is the name of the game. Clean and wipe down areas of your bathroom with mold-killing products as regularly as you can. Do not forget to wash your bathroom rugs and carpets monthly either. Mold likes to find ways to get onto rugs and carpets. Do not let it. 

Professional Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Massachusetts: Mold Guys Restoration

It is important to not let mold in your home get out of hand. As soon as you notice mold growth and cannot detain it yourself, reach out to our highly trained team of mold experts. Our experienced and friendly team will help you get rid of the mold problem. Contact us asap when you encounter excessive mold. 

Mold on a wall

What Do I Need To Know About Summertime Mold?

Summer is usually a fun time in what is generally a long year. One of the few elements that can put a wrinkle in one’s summer though is summer mold. Mold in the summertime is a responsible allergen to many across the United States. Mold thrives in the summertime because of the summer’s hot climate. As soon as a damp area is paired with the warm summer weather, mold can start growing. Summertime mold is not always easy to see but can wreak havoc to our homes and immune systems.  

What can Mold do to my Home?

Mold left untreated or unnoticed can do some damage to the interior of your home literally and financially. Mold can initially hide on your walls, but once they become more present, it can be a costly repair. Mold on a wall grows and spreads quickly. Do not overlook a mold situation on your wall and always be proactive. 

What Can Mold do to me?

The consequences of inhaling air affected by mold or an area affected by mold are not usually severe but unpleasant. The aftermath of mold presence can lead to constant coughing, wheezing, or itchiness around your body. Those who have pre-existing allergies could feel the effects to a larger extent. 

What Can I do about Mold this Summer? 

As you probably know by now, mold is prevalent in the summertime. Is your home ready and properly equipped? Follow these steps to mitigate or eliminate the chance of mold growing in your home this summer. 

  • Utilize a Dehumidifier  

Having a dehumidifier or dehumidifiers present around your home can prevent an exorbitant of moisture build-up. As a result, dehumidifiers will help maintain proper humidity levels throughout your home. 

  • Ventilation 

Most bathrooms are now equipped with ventilation. If your bathrooms are not, schedule to have it done asap. A ventilated bathroom goes a long way, especially in the summertime. When you turn on the ventilation in your bathroom when you shower, it is hard for moisture to build up. 

  • Keep it Clean 

Last but certainly not least, always be on the lookout for dust and dirt. Mold relies on both to thrive and by cleaning up any dust or dirt you see inside your home, it is hard for mold to grow. 

Professional Mold Cleanup and Restoration in Boston, MA: Moldguys Restoration 

If you see mold on your property but cannot handle it yourself, do not panic. Just get in touch with our highly-trained team at Moldguys Restoration! There is not a mold job we cannot handle! Contact us asap the moment you notice a mold issue, we’re always ready and happy to help out! 

Mold in a Basement

Why Does My Basement Smell?

Summer is great but smelly basements are not. If you are a homeowner and have a basement, there is a chance you have encountered a musty smell in your basement or will at some point. That musty basement smell can have a long-lasting effect and is no fun for those who has to endure it. So what is the cause of this musty basement smell in all probability? If you experience an unpleasant odor in your basement, it is probably the result of mold or water damage build-up. Untreated mold or water damage can lead to mildew and that is not good for the home or the inhabitants. Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas, so be proactive and do not give it the ability to do so. 

What do I do about a Smelly Basement? 

  • Identify the cause of the Water Damage

Mold can grow in areas of water damage in as little as 24 hours. If you notice your basement walls have encountered water damage, do not procrastinate. Knowing what caused the leak and mitigating the situation will decrease the chance mold grows. 

  • Bring a Dehumidifier down to your basement and let it go to work

Dehumidifiers are known to remove water from the air. A dehumidifier is great for the summertime and when implemented, it can bring the humidity down in your home. In turn, this can prevent mold from growing while purifying the air in your basement. You can buy a dehumidifier from stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s or have a professional mold company do the work for you. 

  • Negate The Smelly Odor in the Basement

For years, baking soda has been a popular remedy to remove smelly odors. Having baking soda present in your basement and even sprinkling it around can mitigate the unpleasant smell. 

Professional Mold Removal and Water Damage Specialists in Boston: Moldguys Restoration 

At Moldguys restoration, we can help you treat a smelly basement. Our team of professionals has countless years of experience handling mold and water damage. We accept insurance claims, offer 24/7 emergency services, and always offer excellent customer service. Contact us today if you notice you have a smelly basement or excessive mold present. 

Mold growth in bathroom

Where Are The Most Common Places Mold Grows?

Nobody likes mold but mold likes growing in our homes. Mold often causes an unwanted smell around your home, damages materials, and can make us feel uncomfortable. Of course, the best step to eliminating or mitigating mold on your property is to first understand the most common areas they pop up. 

The Bathroom

Mold loves growing in our bathroom. There is a good chance there is mold on your bathroom wall or ceiling as of this moment. Mold thrives in a hot, humid, and wet environment. Bathrooms check off all three characteristics. Showers and bathtubs are a good place to check for mold. Mold is not always visible in these spots so it is important to be vigilant and proactive. If your bathroom has a ventilation fan installed, it is important to turn it on every time you shower or use the bathtub. Leave it on for about fifteen to thirty minutes after you are done showering or bathing too. Doing this will make the area less damp and decrease the chance mold grows. 

The toilet in your bathroom is another popular place mold will grow. The amount of water and dampness surrounding a toilet makes it prone to mold growth. It is a good idea to always periodically check the top of the toilet and the back of your toilet for mold. 

The Kitchen 

Kitchen sinks are often an invitation for mold growth. Kitchen sinks are full of dirty dishes, bacteria, and other wet substances. It is always important to keep your kitchen sink as clean as possible and wipe down wet spots when you see them. Do not forget to check the pipes of your sink a few times a month because mold thrives in that spot as well. A leaking sink pipe is molds best friend. 

Professional Mold Remediation Services in the Boston, MA Area: MoldGuys Restoration 

As a homeowner, it is important to understand how mold growth works. Mold can grow in any home at any time. If the mold in your home is too much to handle, leave it to the professionals!  At Moldguys Restoration, our highly trained team is here to help you combat any mold problems on your property! We always take good care of our customers and look forward to helping whoever we can! Contact us today!  

dog and cat lying down

How can Mold affect my Pets?

Clean and hygiene have taken on a new meaning since the 2020 pandemic. In the past year, most of us have placed greater emphasis on sanitation and disinfecting areas around us. Mold was around before the pandemic and will still exist when the pandemic is over, so we always have to be vigilant with mold in our homes. Neglecting mold is never a good idea and can lead to sickness, allergies, etc. We know the effects exposure to mold can do on humans, but what about our pets? As humans, we find mold to be irritant and irritable, so It is only fair and to assume mold is unpleasant for our pets as well.  

Immune System

Most humans have strong immune systems that can fight off germs, bacteria, and infections. Unfortunately, our pet’s immune systems are nowhere as strong as ours. Our pets are more likely to be affected when exposed to mold spots and react differently. When we think of mold, we often think about an unpleasant sight on the wall, but mold can be in our food as well. Most humans like giving certain human food to their pets and that opens the possibility of our pets ingesting moldy food. Before giving your pet food that is not pet food, inspect it carefully and double-check for mold. 

Symptoms to Lookout For

Here is a list of the most common symptoms your pet will showcase if he or she is affected by mold. If you notice these symptoms, be proactive and take your pet to the veterinary. 

  • Loss of appetite 
  • Lethargic 
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Continuous sneezing or coughing 
  • Acting out of the ordinary 

How can I prevent mold exposure for myself and my pets? 

Always be on the lookout for mold growth around your house. Once you notice mold in your house, remove it yourself as soon as possible or call a professional mold removal service. Mold can grow quickly when left untreated so the sooner you get on the case, the better. Another way to improve the chances mold does not form in your home is to have good air quality. A way to ensure good air quality is to change out your HVAC filters once a year and get a new HVAC installed every five years. 

Exceptional Mold removal services in the Boston Area: Moldguys Restoration. 

Our team has countless years of experience removing and remediating mold. Our highly trained professionals can assess the mold in your home in an efficient and effective manner. If the mold in your home is stressing you out, call our experts and we will get the job done for you! Contact us right away!