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Ways To Minimize Mold In 2023

Home Mold Ways To Minimize Mold In 2023

Mold is a fungal species that grows around damp or decaying matter. With a dark, dust-like appearance, it spreads through the process of sporing. Mold poses a serious health hazard to residents, often resulting in life-long allergies or respiratory illness. You most often see mold growth in basements, attics, and damp walls inside of homes. Mold is bound to exist in certain parts of a home and is difficult to fully eliminate. With that said, if you are a property owner who wants to prevent or limit the presence of mold, here are three tips to help guide you. 

Figure Out What Causes Mold

Knowing how mold develops will help you in stopping the spread of it. Humidity is a common factor behind mold, with moist environments attracting the most amount of it. Leaving mold unattended for weeks or months will inevitably lead to its spread, so you should perform regular maintenance checks to see whether it’s present. You could also use a humidity meter to measure the level of moisture in your home.

Clean Out the Spaces that Attract Mold

Aside from humidity measures, it also helps to clean out areas that attract mold spread. Most homeowners end up finding mold in their basements or attics, clinging to damp walls and isolated areas. Sometimes mold is found underneath the floor boards, especially if the floor is experiencing water damage. If your home has recently experienced a flood, then you should be doing frequent checks and cleanups in order to remove the mold spots. Also, be sure to check damp rooms, such as the laundry room or the bathroom.

Dryness and Ventilation

This step will be important in preventing mold in the first place. Make sure to insulate your home well enough so that moisture won’t be able to enter. It also helps to design an efficient ventilation system that keeps the indoor air quality at a decent level. You might need to renovate floor builds, broken walls, water pipes, roofing tiles and gutters in order to maintain a moisture-free environment. 

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