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What To Know About Mushrooms Growing Inside A Home

Home Mold What To Know About Mushrooms Growing Inside A Home

There are mushrooms humans can eat, and mushrooms humans should stay away from. Mushrooms located around your home fit the latter. While it can be hard for some to envision mushrooms growing on walls, it can happen in every home. If mushrooms are growing inside your home, you are hardly alone. Mushrooms tend to grow on surfaces such as a wall when the surface is moist and wet. Mushrooms growing inside a home can grow fast, so the sooner it is addressed, the better. Mushrooms on surfaces are unsightly, produce bad odors and are unhealthy. Continue reading to learn how you can minimize them and then eliminate them. 

Minimizing Chance of Mushroom Growth

  • Reduce the amount of moisture inside your home
  • Bathrooms are full of areas that are often wet. Keep the bathroom as dry as possible by wiping down wet spots and using an exhaust fan. 
  • Use a Dehumidifier

Can I Remove Mushrooms On My Own?

It is best not to remove mushrooms on your own, especially if you have never done so before. A mold removal company can aptly remove the mushrooms and determine the root cause of the mushroom growth. The last thing a homeowner wants to encounter is removing mushrooms, only to have it grow back not before long. If you are living in a rented home, there is a good chance your respective landlord can handle the mushroom removal. 

Reasons To Not Ignore Mushrooms on Wall

While it can be easy to ignore mushrooms on a wall, it is best not to ignore its presence. Mushrooms on a wall can spread in a short amount of time and usually highlight an underlying issue such as mold.  Another reason not to ignore mushrooms growing on the walls of your home is if you have children. One of the last things parents want to see is their children touching or playing with mushrooms that formed on a surface. 

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