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Why And Where Does Mold Thrive in the Winter?

Home Mold Why And Where Does Mold Thrive in the Winter?

Mold is more prevalent and more often a problem in the Summertime, but much to the surprise of many, it can also thrive in the winter season. From walls to windows to even clothes and toys, mold can grow in a hurry. Here is what you need to know about Winter mold. 

Why Does Mold Grow in the Winter? 

While mold spores usually thrive in the moist, warm summer, winter elements can help create spores as well. While the winter is associated with frigid, cold temperatures, many homes and indoor settings rely on heat and in many cases, high levels of heating. This, among the rain, snow, and ice plays a role in the creation of winter mold. 

Any water damage your home or property experiences in the winter will also expose it to mold growth. Any liquid via rain build-up or snow melting can seep through your walls and create mold spores. It is always important to pay attention to your ceilings and walls in the wintertime. If they look unusual or have discoloration, it could be a hint mold is coming. 

Where Does Mold Usually Grow in the Winter?

The most common places mold will grow inside a home during the winter are bathrooms and basements.

Basements are susceptible to leaks throughout the winter and basement windows often see condensation build-up. Air circulation is often suboptimal in basements and that also leads to mold growth.  

Mold growth is more preventable in bathrooms and usually only occurs out of carelessness. Most bathrooms nowadays are equipped with bathroom fans. During every shower, make sure you get in the habit of turning your bathroom fan on. After you finish showering, leave it on for about 15 more minutes. This will help foster quality air circulation. Bathrooms are prone to water on the walls or floors. Wiping down spots of water when you see them is imperative. 

At the end of the day, always remember mold growth can be inevitable, even in the wintertime. Sometimes there is not much you can do about it but control what you can control when it comes to mold prevention. 

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