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Why Is Mold Common On The South Shore?

Home Mold Why Is Mold Common On The South Shore?

Mold is a form of fungus that grows throughout an environment. Taking on a dust-like appearance, mold is made up of small organisms that can produce spores. Mold is not fun to see or come into close contact with. Humidity is a huge factor in the creation of mold, with damp sources being a main cause of spread. Buildings that receive a lot of moisture tend to be the most at risk of developing mold, especially if a building isn’t well insulated. Most property owners end up finding mold in the basement, the attic, on walls, or underneath the floor boards. It’s worthwhile to perform regular checkups and cleanups of your home in order to catch mold in its early stages.

South Shore Infrastructure

Mold is especially prevalent in Massachusetts, a state that receives an excess of moisture. In South Shore, a lot of the housing is prone to leakage or flooding. This area holds a lot of “second homes” – a type of secondary property that’s purchased for partial residence. Second homes are especially susceptible to floods, leaks, and water damage. The damp environments are often the cause of extreme mold growths. Whether a south shore property is your permanent residence or secondary residence, be vigilant when it comes to mold spots. 

Preventing Mold in South Shore, MA

If you’re looking for ways to prevent a mold-prone environment, then there are some preventative measures you could take as a homeowner. For one thing, you could do regular cleanups of the home – checking for areas that are the most susceptible to mold growth. You should work toward insulating the home and renovating the ventilation system. This will ensure decent air quality. A leaking roof could create a buildup of condensation, so make sure that your roofing tiles are in place and tightly sealed. Frozen pipes are common in the Wintertime. When temperatures drop, check on your pipes routinely. 

Professional Mold Services in Bridgewater, MA

Moldguys Restoration loves doing work in the South Shore! When your property requires mold remediation services in the South Shore, do not hesitate to let our team know! We can take care of mold issues in an efficient and effective manner! Contact us as soon as you notice mold growing on your South Shore property! 


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