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Why is There Mold in My Attic?

Home Mold Why is There Mold in My Attic?

Whether you dread a trip to the attic or spend time in it frequently, there is a possibility for mold. Fortunately, those that spend more time in their attics have the ability to spot mold quickly. The faster you identify and treat mold concerns in your home, the better your health and home will be. Here are a handful of possible reasons mold exists in your attic. 

Roof Leaks Cause Mold

Mold grows in moist environments. The most apparent cause of moisture in an attic is a potential leak. While there may be a leak in your roof, it can be hard to see. Roof leaks do not always pour through the ceiling like a waterfall. Instead, it can be a slow leak in a difficult-to-notice location. Check for soft spots, moisture, or bubbling paint near the mold to determine if a leak is present.

Poor Ventilation

Another cause of mold in an attic is the result of poor ventilation. When moisture has nowhere to escape, it remains in the attic, thus causing mold growth. Many attics rely on soffit ventilation, which is often adequate. Unfortunately, soffit vents can be easily blocked by insulation or other debris. You may notice mold growing in your attic when air cannot flow properly.

Too Much Moisture Exposure

Since moisture is the cause of mold, an attic with mold is an attic with moisture. If you’ve checked for roof leaks and found none and ensured the ventilation is not blocked, you may want to consider where moisture may be coming from. If you have vents in your bathrooms that do not work properly, the air will not circulate. It will rise to the attic, where it likely lacks adequate ventilation to handle the excess. The same is true for a broken dryer vent, as it will also send hot air upward into the attic.

Warm Air Below the Attic Causes Mold

Does your home have the proper ventilation inside? When the air below the attic is too warm, it can create condensation inside the space. Condensation breeds mold. The difference between the air inside the home and the air in the attic can be a problem. Be sure that ventilation is adequate in both the attic and your home to prevent a mold issue.

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