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Will Opening My Windows Reduce Mold?

Home Mold Will Opening My Windows Reduce Mold?

No tenant or landlord will want to deal with mold. This fungus is not only unsightly but can ruin your property and even pose a threat to your family. So, what’s the best way to reduce mold in your home?

You guessed right; opening your windows can help reduce mold in your home. By doing this, excess moisture will flow outside rather than settle on your ceiling, floors, and walls. This method can be effective because, without the right amount of moisture indoors, mold won’t grow.

When Is Opening Your Windows Not Helpful To Reduce Mold?

As much as opening your windows can prove helpful, you should know that it isn’t always a go-to method. There are cases whereby it doesn’t work, like:

●      When the relative humidity outdoors is greater than 60%.

Opening your windows when it’s humid outside will only bring in more moisture. You will need to opt for other ways to control your humidity indoors, which will be discussed later in this post.

●      When it’s raining outside.

If you open your windows when it’s raining outside, you’ll only be giving room to more moisture into your property.

●      When you’re experiencing a severe case of mold.

Opening your windows can be effective when you’re dealing with minor cases of mold. But if you’re experiencing a severe case, this method might not work so well. In essence, before going ahead to open your windows, first, be sure if it’s a minor or severe case of mold you’re dealing with. And if it’s a minor case, make sure the humidity outside is low to allow moisture to flow out properly.

Now that you know opening your windows doesn’t work in some cases, what are other ways to control mold in your home?

Other Ways to Reduce Moisture and Control Mold

As discussed earlier, opening your windows isn’t always the best method, especially when the humidity outside is greater than 60%, or it’s too cold, raining, etc.

So what are other effective methods to control mold in your home?

  • If you have moisture-releasing plants in your home, try moving them outside.
  • Turn on your fans when you cook and shower.
  • Get yourself a good dehumidifier.
  • Don’t air-dry your clothes indoors (either use a dryer or air-dry them outdoors).
  • Purchase plants that wick moisture.
  • If you find any leaks in your home, try fixing them as soon as possible.
  • Buy charcoal bags that help absorb moisture. You can DIY moisture-absorbing bags from rock salt or silica gel packs.
  • Make sure your home’s ventilation system is working accurately.


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