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Should I Throw Away Certain Items After A Mold Removal?

Mold growth is a serious matter and has a notable trickle-down effect. Mold can even hamper your indoor air quality. When an area of your property is contaminated with mold, the situation can worsen quickly. Tackling mold spots when you see them is paramount because it can take mold spores less than a day to produce damage. When mold is present, not only can it be harmful to the surface it is on, but to the people near it as well. If your home items are affected by mold, you will probably wonder what you should keep and what to toss. Yes, there will be certain items you are better off throwing away after it is affected by mold. We will help you make that determination here. 

Items With Mold You Should Throw Away 

Even after a mold removal process is complete, you should not hold onto items you no longer need if they had mold on them. These types of items are: 

Anything Made out of Paper: Books, Paper, Cardboard etc. 

Absorbent Material such as: Carpet, Padding, Stuffed Animals, etc. 

Food: Any food or snacks contaminated or exposed to Mold should be not be kept

Keeping these items could bring mold back or lead to the problem persisting. 

Items With Mold That You Can Keep

Not every item affected by mold needs to be thrown away.  The type of items you can keep are:

Solid Items: Strong items made of metal or glass

Apparel: It is not uncommon for fabric to absorb mold. Once you notice mold on your clothing, wipe the mold off outside and wash the piece of clothing. 

Electronic Items & Appliances: Electronic items and appliances can withstand mold presence. With that being said, do clean off any mold on your electronic devices as soon as possible. While you can keep electronic items that have been exposed to mold, mold can still do damage if it enters certain ports. 

Professional Mold Removal In Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration

At MoldGuys Restoration, our professional team of mold experts can remove mold on your property. Winter does not go away in the Winter. If you notice mold, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will get right on it! 


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Why And Where Does Mold Thrive in the Winter?

Mold is more prevalent and more often a problem in the Summertime, but much to the surprise of many, it can also thrive in the winter season. From walls to windows to even clothes and toys, mold can grow in a hurry. Here is what you need to know about Winter mold. 

Why Does Mold Grow in the Winter? 

While mold spores usually thrive in the moist, warm summer, winter elements can help create spores as well. While the winter is associated with frigid, cold temperatures, many homes and indoor settings rely on heat and in many cases, high levels of heating. This, among the rain, snow, and ice plays a role in the creation of winter mold. 

Any water damage your home or property experiences in the winter will also expose it to mold growth. Any liquid via rain build-up or snow melting can seep through your walls and create mold spores. It is always important to pay attention to your ceilings and walls in the wintertime. If they look unusual or have discoloration, it could be a hint mold is coming. 

Where Does Mold Usually Grow in the Winter?

The most common places mold will grow inside a home during the winter are bathrooms and basements.

Basements are susceptible to leaks throughout the winter and basement windows often see condensation build-up. Air circulation is often suboptimal in basements and that also leads to mold growth.  

Mold growth is more preventable in bathrooms and usually only occurs out of carelessness. Most bathrooms nowadays are equipped with bathroom fans. During every shower, make sure you get in the habit of turning your bathroom fan on. After you finish showering, leave it on for about 15 more minutes. This will help foster quality air circulation. Bathrooms are prone to water on the walls or floors. Wiping down spots of water when you see them is imperative. 

At the end of the day, always remember mold growth can be inevitable, even in the wintertime. Sometimes there is not much you can do about it but control what you can control when it comes to mold prevention. 

Professional Mold Services in Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration

If you encounter mold this winter around the Boston, MA, area, our team is here and ready to help out. We specialize in mold remediation and clean-up throughout the 4 seasons of the year. Dealing with mold in the winter is nothing new to us. Learn how we can assist by contacting our friendly and experienced staff. 


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Remediating Mold Myself Compared to A Professional Company

Most of us have taken pride in “DIY” projects also known as Do It Yourself Projects since the start of 2020. While you should be proud of taking initiative and attempting to complete some house projects on your own, some tasks are better left to let the professionals handle. Cleaning out mold spots in your home may seem simple as first, but if the problem keeps reoccurring, it may be time to get professional help. Here are the main differences of cleaning mold yourself versus having a mold company tackle it. 

The Location Of The Mold

Mold is not always easy to spot, and when its left untreated, the problem gets worse and worse. While some mold is visible to you, oftentimes it is what you cannot see that is doing damage. Professional mold companies have been going up against mold for years. They are more likely to have a sharper eye when it comes to locating mold spots. Mold companies also have technology and sensor equipment most homeowners do not have. Spotting mold problems is significantly simpler when you have the luxury of devices. 

The Cause

Homeowners may be aware of mold problems in a home, but do not know the cause. If a mold problem keeps coming back, a homeowner is probably unaware of the cause. Mold companies specialize in remediating and removing mold. Mold is sprung from many different forms. Whatever the cause, mold companies can identify what is causing the mold and alleviate it for you. 


The efficiency when you compare a DIY job to a professional doing it is night and day, which is okay. Professionals in their respective fields are called professionals for a reason: they are more capable of getting something done at a more efficient, productive level. 

Professional Mold Removal Services In Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

At MoldGuys Restoration, we are a trusted and reliable mold company in Boston, MA. We can help you detect hidden mold spots, discover the cause, and get the job done in an efficient manner. Contact us as soon as possible when you realize a D.I.Y mold job is not going as planned. 


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Superior Mold Services In the Boston Region

A common misconception many homeowners have is that mold can only grow in the Spring or Summertime. Unfortunately, that is not true and mold grows year-round, especially in the wintertime. With Winter almost here, it is important to not let your guard down and remain vigilant for mold spots. When you spot mold, do not fear, MoldGuys Restoration is here.

What Makes Us The Best Mold Team In Boston Area?

We believe we are the best mold team in the Boston area for a variety of reasons. For starters, unlike most Mold companies in Massachusetts, we are willing to go all over the state. We service over 30 Massachusetts towns and cities, with a goal to expand on our portfolio. We love helping all the towns and cities we continuously help, and always look forward to working in new areas. Since mold is a year-wide problem, we stay open for the entire year. Not only are we available year-round, we offer 24/7 Emergency Services. If you deem a mold situation as an emergency and require immediate service, we are ready to help. 

What Do We Offer That Other Mold Companies Might Not?

All Mold Companies can help homeowners remove mold from their property but not all mold companies are the same. Not all mold companies accept insurance claims. We do. Not all mold companies offer free initial mold inspections. We do. Some Mold companies complete the job without assuring 100% customer satisfaction. We never do that. We will work with you start to finish and guarantee a job well done. Last but not least, some mold companies do not come highly experienced. At Mold Guys Restoration, dealing with Mold is not our first rodeo. We have been in the industry for many years and know how to restore your home. 

Professional Mold Services Located in East Bridgewater, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

MoldGuys Restoration is located in East Bridgewater, MA and this gives us the ability to get to many Massachusetts towns and cities with ease. We have done jobs for numerous buildings throughout the years and we can help residential or commercial properties. Contact us today if you need mold assistance. 

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How To Prevent Mold Growth This Winter

Halloween is right around the corner which means Winter is not far behind. Winters in New England pose many challenges every year. One of the challenges presented every winter is mold growth. Mold growth is never ideal, but even more of a burden in the Winter because homeowners are already dealing with frigid temperatures and snow. Here is some helpful advice on how to limit or prevent mold growth on your property this Winter. 

Drying Any Wet Areas

Wet areas inside your home are not going to dry themselves. For example, if you or someone spills a liquid on a carpet, it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Letting a carpet become damp and soak in the wetness can create mold problems. On that note, it is important to be mindful in this regard when you are washing your hands. Do not let water splash around away from the sink and should water make its way outside of the sink, wipe down the area as soon as possible. 

Gutter Maintenance 

You know it is officially fall season when you see your neighbors or neighborhood tending to their respective gutters. Fall is the most popular time to maintain your gutter and with good reasons. With heavy amounts of rain and snow probably on the horizon, your gutter needs to be in tip-top shape. A faulty gutter will have a trickle-down affect on the rest of a home. A poorly maintained gutter can cause water from the exterior of your home to seep into the walls of your home. This will then present an opportunity for mold to grow. When mold is given an opportunity, it often capitalizes on it. 

Look Out For Leaks

Every year, many water damage and mold incidents stem from untreated leaks. Leaks often serve as a warning sign that something is not right with your pipes and needs to be addressed. Mold can grow on pipes quickly. As soon as you see the leakage from your pipes, wipe it down and try to see if you know what caused the leak. 

Professional Mold Removal Services in Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

At Moldguys Restoration, we can get your home ready for Winter. We have seen many New England winters and helped our communities time and time again. If you are looking to alleviate a mold issue in your home this Fall, give our professionals a call.  

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FAQ’s About Mold In An Office Space

With many of us slowly working our way back towards working in an office again, some things are out of our control. One of these things is the presence of mold in the work environment. Commercial mold does not play favorites and should not be overlooked. Nobody wants to spend their day in a moldy environment, but we are not always privy mold exists. Here is what you need to know about being in an office with excessive mold. 

How Can Mold in My Office Affect My Health? 

Always remember that mold can flourish anywhere indoors. Especially when the humidity is poor, a ceiling leaks, or pipe leaks. If you are someone who has to constantly deal with allergies, mold can affect that. Mold can lead to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and other irritations. In addition, If you experience asthma, mold is not your friend. More often than not, mold exposure impacts those with asthma conditions significantly more than those who do not experience asthma. 

How and When Do I Report Mold Growth In An Office?

It is always important to be proactive with mold growth. As soon as you notice mold growth, notify your discovery to a supervisor or manager as soon as possible. Provide as much detail as you can and ensure you pass along the location of the mold. 

What Happens To Untreated Office Mold?

Sometimes it may be tempting to leave mold the way it is if you believe it is not affecting you. This is the wrong thing to do. Even if the mold is not affecting you, others will not be able to say the same. Untreated mold will only get worse over time and a lot sooner than you expected. 

Can I Handle The Mold In The Office Myself?

Yes, and no. You can wipe down and scrub the mold-infested area with water, but that will not eliminate the problem. Doing this may stop the mold from growing but professional services are probably required to wrap up the issue. 

Professional Commercial Mold Remediation in Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

At Moldguys Restoration, we have been around long enough to know where to find mold in commercial buildings. If you are looking for mold removal regarding office buildings, schools, restaurants, and public buildings, we are the team to turn to. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us with any mold inquiries today. 

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Getting A Mold Inspection For A New Home

When you buy a new home, it is highly recommended you have a mold inspection done on the property before you move in. Mold is not always easy to spot but can leave a lasting mark if not taken care of properly. Buying a home is always a huge investment and the last thing you want is to be hit with surprises after you already moved in. The cost on a mold inspection will vary but they are worth it and can save your home from a potential damages in the long run. By the time you notice or detect mold, it can be too late. Get ahead of potential mold growth and prevent it by having a mold professional assess areas of your new home. 

Can I Conduct A Mold Inspection Myself?

A mold inspection is not rocket science, but you do need to know what to look for when conducting one. A sharp eye and a working flashlight are helpful tools to inspect mold spots yourself. If you do not know what exactly to look for however, it could be a waste of time. If you want a more advanced inspection, it may be best to call a professional mold company and have them take a look at it. Professional Mold companies have years of experience with mold inspections. Professional Mold companies are also equipped with certain devices, cameras, etc. that make mold inspections more efficient. 

What Does a Professional Home Mold Inspection Look Like? 

When you hire a professional Mold Company to inspect your home for mold, it is pretty straightforward. Once a mold professional arrives on scene, he or she will look around the home for common signs of mold growth. After that, they will test the air quality inside the home with a device. Mold can affect indoor air quality so testing for air purity is a helpful indicator. A professional mold inspector will also be mindful of any leaks. This includes damp areas and the drainage system. 

Professional Mold Inspection Services in Bridgewater, MA: MoldGuys Restoration 

Located in East Bridgewater, MA, MoldGuys Restoration proudly offers professional mold inspections. If it is determined that your home has mold, we can also provide mold removal and remediation. We take pride in helping out our communities so do not hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any mold concerns. 

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How Do I Know if There Is Mold Behind My Walls?

Mold is unpleasant, unwanted and unruly for all homeowners. Nobody wants to see it present in their home, but it is not always visible. Sometimes you have good reason to suspect mold growth in your homes, but in many cases you might not realize until its too late. For example, mold behind walls is often a covert affair, with serious repercussions. Here are the best things to do and lookout for to detect mold behind walls before they become a bigger problem. 

1. Be Proactive With Unusual Odors

We all know an odd odor around our home when we smell it. Sometimes they go away after short period of time but sometimes they linger. If the unusual odor is still hanging around after a couple of days, try to sniff out the source of the smell. If your sniffing takes you close to your walls, it could be a sign the is hidden mold growth inside your walls.

2. Keep An Eye Out For Discoloration On Walls 

There are many walls around our homes and none of us want to spend significant time looking closely at them. With that being said, it is still important to keep a sharp eye out when walking around your home. Mold growth behind a wall is often a byproduct of water damage. When water damage impacts your walls, damp stains usually stand out on the walls surface. When part of your walls colors do not look right, do not stand pat, rather take initiative. 

What Problems Can Mold Behind Walls Cause? 

Mold hidden behind your walls still has the same impact as mold found throughout other places in your home and is not any less of a problem. When there is mold behind your wall and you do nothing about it, it will continue to do damage to your homes interior. There is always a trickle down effect with mold. It doe not just impact the surface it is on but the people around it as well. Mold will always hamper the air quality of an environment whenever it is present. Everybody wants the best air quality possible inside their homes, so when you detect mold, no matter where it is, have a plan to be rid of it. 

Professional Mold Removal and Remediation in Boston, MA: MoldGuys Restoration.

At MoldGuys Restoration, we take pride in offering the best mold removal and remediation services to the Bridgewater, Brockton and Boston area. If you spot mold you cannot handle, give our professionals a call. We are always happy to assist our communities. Contact us today if you are aware of any mold problems around your home. 

Mold on a basement wall

How Does Mold Exist In My Basement?

Mold can pretty much grow anywhere inside your home. The Summertime is a popular time to find mold in your basement. Even as Summer winds down, it is important to stay vigilant and look out for mold hanging around in your basement. Mold is not always easy to spot, especially in a basement, so be extra watchful. Once you are able to locate mold spots in your basement, understand how it got there. The last thing you want is for the mold to regrow even after you clean it up the first time. There are a few different types of mold that can grow in your basement and it is important to know how it got there. 

Water Leaks

Water leaks are not uncommon in basements. New England has seen its fair share of rain this Summer and when it rains, water can leak into your basement. It will not rain into your basement directly, but impact your basement walls if they are not properly insulated. Wet walls allow mold to thrive. Also keep in mind untreated water leaks that is not caused by rain can also lead to unwanted mold growth. 


Humidity is most relevant in the summertime which means indoor air quality is top of mind. Poor humidity or excessive humidity can create elements that contribute to mold. Every home should have access to a hygrometer. A hygrometer will inform homeowners of the humidity levels inside a home. Managing a home’s humidity is essential in decreasing the chances mold forms. 

Recent Flood

If your basement experienced a recent flood, it is imperative to pull out all stops even when the flood is gone. A recent flood can leave behind damp spots around your basement while also raising moisture levels. It is a good idea to double-check spots in your basement after a flood is cleaned up. Letting a dehumidifier run for a few days in your basement will also do wonders for your basement. 

Professional Mold Remediation and Water Damage Repair in Boston, MA: Mold Guys Restoration 

At Mold Guys Restoration, we are the team for you when you experience mold or water damage in the Boston area. We offer 24/7 Emergency Services and our trained professionals are always ready to help! Contact us right away when you need us! 

Mold on bathroom wall

Why Is There Mold In My Bathroom?

If you have never noticed mold in your bathroom, maybe you are not looking hard enough. Mold thrives in every bathroom. Why is that? This is due to the fact a bathroom’s moisture and temperature are an ideal stomping ground for mold to grow. Mold spores can form every time you wash your hand in the sink, shower, or bathe. Mold feeds off a bathroom’s environment and can accumulate before you know it. Fortunately, there are ways you can mitigate or prevent mold growth in your bathrooms.

How Do I manage Mold in the bathroom? 

Mold is not always preventable but you can decrease the chances of it cropping up by following these steps:

  • Using the proper ventilation

Every bathroom should have ventilation installed. Whenever you shower or bathe, if you have a ventilation fan installed, make sure you turn it on for the duration you are in the bathroom. Poor or no ventilation can cause moisture which can lead to mold. 

  • Addressing leaky sinks, pipes, or toilets 

 Mold can thrive off merely a leaky sink, pipe, and toilet. When you notice a leaky sink, turn off your faucet completely and wipe down the affected area. When you notice a leaking toilet, quickly wipe down the area and see what caused the leaky toilet. Leaky toilets can be quite complicated. If you cannot handle it, do not be afraid to call a professional. Leaky pipes are also tricky. Wipe down the pipe the best you can and contact a plumber if you cannot contain the issue yourself. 

  • Clean Your Bathroom at least Once A Month

Keeping your bathroom clean is the name of the game. Clean and wipe down areas of your bathroom with mold-killing products as regularly as you can. Do not forget to wash your bathroom rugs and carpets monthly either. Mold likes to find ways to get onto rugs and carpets. Do not let it. 

Professional Mold Remediation and Removal Services in Massachusetts: Mold Guys Restoration

It is important to not let mold in your home get out of hand. As soon as you notice mold growth and cannot detain it yourself, reach out to our highly trained team of mold experts. Our experienced and friendly team will help you get rid of the mold problem. Contact us asap when you encounter excessive mold.