Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

If cleaning your air ducts wasn’t on your to-do list this holiday season- you may want to reconsider. If you’re hosting this year, you certainly don’t want your guests breathing in dirty air. Keep reading to learn just how necessary it is to keep clean air ducts.

Cleaner Living Environment

If you notice an excessive amount of dust around your house and find yourself cleaning more than normal, it’s likely that you would benefit from an air duct cleaning. Having this done professionally will reduce the number of dust mites circulating throughout your home, landing on your furniture, bedding, floor, counters, etc.

Reduces Allergens

With less dust in the air, and other harmful contaminants such as bacteria, pollen, mildew, and mold spores, your respiratory system will thank you. Those that suffer from allergies or asthma and are very sensitive to these airborne particles will notice an immense difference. Even those without chronic allergies can experience sneezing, coughing and sinus congestion when breathing in dirty air.  Periodically getting your air ducts cleaned helps to promote healthier air.

Remove Odors

Have you noticed a stale smell in your home every time the furnace or air conditioning runs? These smells, such as tobacco, pet odors, food, etc., circulate throughout the air ducts leaving an unpleasant smell in your home. A detailed cleaning of the air ducts will dismiss any odors in your system, leaving you with a new, fresh smell.

Improve Air Flow Efficiency

If your ducts have build-up of dust and other particles, it can restrict the flow of air. This means that your system has to work harder to pump out air to heat or cool your home, meaning your efficiency is lower. An air duct cleaning will help your system operate at maximum efficiency.

Contact Moldguys Restoration

If you’re in need of professional air duct cleaning, contact Moldguys Restoration! We gladly travel to Nantucket, Boston, Foxborough, and more. Fill out a contact form or give us a call today at 781-910-5029! 

Cleaning Your Bathroom to Prevent Mold

We all know that the bathroom is one of the most susceptible spots for mold growth. Between the steam from hot showers, the puddles left on the floor from when you step out, or even just small drips that get stuck in the grout, mold practically receives a personal invitation into your home. However, it’s not inevitable that you have to let mold win. By regularly cleaning your bathroom and taking preventative measures, you can greatly decrease the chances of a serious mold problem. Use the following tips to help clean your bathroom and prevent mold from making a permanent home in your bathroom.


After every use, bathtubs should be rinsed and dried in order to keep limescale away. Keeping the moisture around longer just gives the mold the opportunity to grow. In addition, regular cleanings with an all-purpose cleaner help to prevent dirt or bacteria from accumulating.


First, start by sweeping your bathroom floors to get any loose dirt and debris. Then use a mop with a soapy water mixture and bleach, paying close attention to the area around the toilet, sink, and shower, as these cracks and crevices often get the dirtiest. Using a wet paper towel can help to collect hair and dust that collects in the corners of the room.


One of the most difficult areas to clean, and often a popular sport for mold growth, is the grout. Water that seeps in often gets trapped, making it an optimal sport for mold. Using a fungicidal bathroom spray can help to prevent regrowth of mold. If you prefer to go natural, you can make a paste made of baking soda and water.


After a shower, it’s important to leave the door open in order to let the room breathe and combat humidity. Shower curtains should be washed once a month in order to stop mildew buildup. If your shower curtain is Nylon, it can be put in the washing machine to clean, while other materials can just be hand washed. To clean the shower head, scrub with an old toothbrush and a small amount of bleach or other disinfectants. This can be applied to any small nook and cranny in the bathroom.


Toilets should be cleaned at least once a week, using a toilet brush and disinfecting cleaner.  Be sure to also clean the brush after each use, with a mixture or hot soapy water and bleach. The outside of the bowl can be wiped with an all-purpose cleaner, paying special attention to the flush, as this is one of the most common places bacteria lives in a bathroom.

Walls and Ceilings

Mold can also live on your walls and ceilings from moisture buildup after showers. Keeping windows open and fans going during showers can help with ventilation to discourage mold growth. If you do find mold, it can be sprayed with disinfectant. Let rest for a few minutes and then scrub away.

Contact Moldguys Restoration 

Sometimes we do all we can to keep our bathrooms clean, but mold growth still can happen. If your bathroom has become infested with mold, contact the experts at Moldguys Restoration. Fill out a contact form or give us a call today at 781-910-5029. 



3 Signs Your Home May Have Water Damage

Much like mold, water damage can remain hidden for quite some time before making itself known. Sometimes, the problem can remain hidden for so long that the signs only present themselves once complete havoc has been wrought. However, there are some telltale warning signs to keep an eye out for when trying to spot water damage in your home or business. Read on!

Cupping Wood Floors

If the subfloor beneath your hardwood planks becomes wet, the planks will begin to cup and warp due to the moisture. If your home has a slab foundation, enough moisture can be sucked up by the foundation to completely destroy your nice wooden floors. This is a major warning sign, so if you spot your floors cupping you should speedily contact a professional water damage repair company. That way, they can address the problem before it gets much worse. If you catch the problem too late, you stand the chance of having to completely replace your hardwood floors.

Bubbling and/or Peeling Paint

If your plumbing pipes are situated close to your walls, peeling or bubbling paint can be a common warning sign of there being a leak present. If you notice the paint on your walls acting strangely, get in touch with the professionals. They can visit your home and utilize equipment to confirm if there is a leak or moisture problem behind your walls.

Increased Utility Bill

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your water bill, you may have a leak on your hands. The thing about plumbing system leaks is that they can be tricky to spot and therefore remain undetected. If you’re not often venturing into your crawl spaces to take a look in between your walls, keep an eye on your water bill! A high water bill can be a clear indicator there is a leak present somewhere within your home.

No one wants to deal with water damage in their home or business. It can be expensive to get everything back on track and most people would like to avoid that kind of situation. If you recognize any of these signs in your home, get in touch with us here at Moldguys Restoration! You can reach us at 781-910-5029 or by filling out an online contact form.

Flooded Basement? The Process to Restore Your Property to It’s Former Glory

It’s that time of the year in the Bridgewater area when the snow has just about fully melted and Spring showers are in full force. While most people see this as a glimmer of hope that better weather is on the horizon, it can be a disaster for some home or business owners thanks to the possibility of basement flooding. If you find that your home or business has become the victim of flooding, there is a very high possibility it will cause mold growth.


If you do experience the unfortunate event of a basement flood, there are a few steps you can take prevent and remediate mold growth. Mold can begin to grow in as little as one to two days, that’s why it is important to act as quickly as possible. The best bet is to hire a trusted, professional mold remediation company to handling any mold related issue as it can be dangerous if not done correctly.  

Remove objects from the flooded area that are not wet

After your home or business has flooded it’s important to asses the situation and see how bad it really is. The first step is surveying the area (only entering after it’s safe) and quickly removing anything that hasn’t been damaged too badly by the water. Mold loves to grow on things such as furniture and other things, so the faster you remove them from the affected area, the better chance you have of the mold not spreading and saving your belongings.

Removal of flood water

Using the combination of years of experience and top of the line equipment, mold removal professionals in Massachusetts can ensure that all water will be safely and completely removed from the affected area. If the area is carpeted there are also additional steps to salvage and prevent mold growth. Within 24-48 hours carpets will be treated with a water extraction vacuum, de-humidified with a commercial dehumidifier, and have the drying process started with industrial strength fans.  

If the ceilings are affected from the flood, all tiles will be discarded and replaced. As for drywall and gypsum board, it’s possible that it is salvageable if there is no swelling and the seams are all intact. If not, they will be replaced and the area will be aired out to dry.

All wood surfaces shall be treated in the same way as if it was a carpet (dried/de-humidified immediately) as well as using gentle heat to treat the wood surface. After, it’s important to clean treated wood with a mild detergent and clean water. Wood paneling located on walls needs to be pried off and allowed to dry separately.   


After it has been treated for water damage and mold prevention, there are a few things you need to look out for upon return to your Brockton home or business. Re-check all of the items you removed from the flooded area and ensure there is not signs of mold on anything as re-introducing these items can encourage mold to spread and grow all over again. 

Do a few smell tests around the area to see if it smells outrageously musty or different. If so, it’s possible there is an area thats been missed or passed over. 


The best idea is to get a professional or an expert to inspect (and perhaps mold test) your home for you to let you know for certain that it’s alright to resume living in.

Water damage repair and mold remediation specialists in Bridgewater, Quincy & Brockton MA

If you have been on the wrong side of mother nature this spring, your best bet is to call the Moldguys. Moldguys Restoration LLC has the experience and customer-friendly approach to ensure you are taken care of in difficult times for your property. Located in East Bridgewater MA, we have been servicing everywhere from Quincy to Braintree and beyond for all of Massachusetts mold removal and water damage repair needs. If you need the Moldguys services you can call us at (781) 910-5029, 24/7 or fill out our contact form located on this page. 


Recent Office Mold Remediation in Newton, MA

The Moldguys crew just finished up another mold remediation for a small office in Newton, MA. While is was just a small space, there was plenty of mold to tackle on this job. If there are any instances of mold in an office or home usually you’ll notice it first on drywall. Drywall stays wet for a while if there is any water that comes into contact, and it may not be that easy to notice as it’s not usually completely exposed. Take a look at the gallery at the bottom of this page to see some before and after shots of this job.

On this Newton mold removal job our crew was able to remove moldy drywall in multiple areas of the office, including the kitchen, bathroom and a bunch more in the boiler room. Having mold damage is not only dangerous to the tenants of the office, it can be detrimental to a business losing money and time open. Our crew was able to get in, locate all the sources of the mold, remove & clean up the rest of the office using a HEPA VAC to ensure the office was back in its glory.

Mold can begin to spread in your property within 2-3 days if not taken care of immediately. That’s why our crew at Moldguys Restoration are sure to act fast, efficiently & professionally to ensure the job gets done and you can have your area back to normal. We also understand that mold damage can strike at anytime, that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency support just in case.

It is important not to wait if you notice any mold, your office or property could end up needing a total gutting losing you business and costing more money down the line. The quicker you call the less mold will have time to spread throughout your property. The Moldguys crew will come to your home and fix the issue including removing any and all mold growth and ensuring it won’t come back. Give us a call today at (781) 910-5029 or (781) 733-3675 if suspect mold is growing in your Massachusetts home or business.

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Mold & Water Damage Providence RI

Water damage can lead to serious problems in your home. Not only can water ruin things like drywall or hardwood flooring it can also create a breeding ground for mold growth. Leaking, flooding and burst pipes are all among the most common types of water damage many properties see.

In fact, our team just finished up a very stubborn job completing water damage restoration & mold removal from a property in Providence RI. The home had sustained water damage from the bathtub resulting in extensive mold growth. The water from the tub had traveled through the walls of the closet where mold had begun growing.

Along with the water damage from the bathroom, old leaky pipes had also destroyed the hardwood flooring throughout the home and caused even more water damage in the basement where mold was growing on the ceiling and walls. We performed a full water damage restorations including removing moisture from wood surfaces using dehumidified, gentle heat and fans for drying. We then immediately began to remove the mold before it had a chance to grow any further.

We then decided to conduct a thorough inspection of the home to ensure there were no other signs of mold growth. Through further inspection of the property, we discovered the attic was also filled with mold, which we then remediated from the property.

Check out all the photos from this mold removal & water damage remediation job on our Facebook page.

This Providence property is a prime example that if you home has sustained water damage whether it be leaky pipes, a flooded basement or plumbing issues it is important you check for mold growth. Mold in your home left unattended to can cause serious health issues for you and your family.

If you have water damage don’t wait, call the trusted professionals at Moldguys Restoration. We will not only repair your water damage and remediate and mold growth we will conduct a full inspection of your property to ensure it is safe for you and your family.

For more information about our mold remediation services, call Moldguys Restoration LLC today.


prvidence RI Mold Removal & Water Damage

Mold Growing in Flooded Basement

If you have ever had your basement flooded you could be dealing with more than just water damage. For anyone who has had to pump water from a flooded basement (a not uncommon occurrence in this area) should also know about the potentially lingering problem that can cause serious health issues… mold.

Even if your flood was small, your basement is still at risk for becoming a breeding ground for mold spores. Mold can grow in just one inch of water. As long as there is enough humidity inside, mold spores can attach to surfaces and begin to grow. Mold spores can attach to almost anything, from drywall to carpeting.

Mold can be harmful to your health and those health effects can be even worse if you are allergic to it. Mold spores can become airborne and irritate eyes, nose, skin and airways. Mold will start to grow in a damp area of your basement and eventually release loads of spores tiny enough to float in the air. You can then inhales these airborne spores which can lead to serious health problems.

Flooded basements are among one of the most common reasons mold begins to grow in your home. If your basement floods the most important thing is to take action quickly. Drying out damp areas in 24-48 hours is important to help prevent mold from growing. The longer mold gets warm humid conditions the more real estate it can take over and the more spores it can eventually release into your home.

Moldguys Restoration specialized in the remediation and removal of mold from your home. We also specialize in water damage repair to help prevent mold growth before it happens. Moldguys has the experience and knowledge so you can breathe easier knowing you home and the basement are mold free.

In fact, check out one of our latest jobs in Norton MA. We removed mold and mushrooms from the basement of a home. The basement had mushrooms growing on the walls, so in order to remove these, we used a grinder, as well as wire and brushed the walls. We then used a HEPA VAC on the walls to ensure all traces of mold spores were gone. Finally, we encapsulated the walls with Fiberlock 6,000 (mold paint) to help prevent mold from growing in the future. Check out photos from this job here.

If your basement has recently flooded or you suspect mold in your basement don’t wait, call the trusted professionals at Moldguys restoration today!

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Does Air Duct Cleaning Save Energy?

Air Ducts require regular maintenance and proper care to help ensure good operation and longer equipment life. It is important to clean your HVAC system on a regular basis to keep them dust, dirt and mold free. By cleaning your system regularly there is a much greater chance that it will operate more efficiently.

Cleaning your air ducts can remove dust or large obstructions in your ductwork. With less obstruction in your air ducts, it is easier for the air to flow through you home and deliver the air to your home’s living spaces. Any major blockage that is created in your air ducts can hamper your air flow and mean higher energy costs down the road.

Some things to watch for to tell if you need to get your air ducts clean include…

Insect bodies or rodent droppings: If you notice insects or rodent droppings in your air ducts that is a good sign they should be cleaned. Having insect bodies or rodent droppings in your ducts can result in them circulating in the air in your home but it could also be a sign insects have nested in your air ducts.

Mold Infestation: If you begin to notice a moldy or musty smell coming from your air ducts you may want to have an HVAC technician inspect your air ducts, they could have mold in them. Mold can develop when moisture gets trapped and could be damaging to your overall HVAC system.

Duct Obstructions: if you notice that your HVAC ductwork in your home has a lot of dust or debris it may be a sign it is time to clean out your ducts.

Cleaning your is not only important to your health it can also save you energy. To schedule your next air duct cleaning contact Moldguys restoration at (781) 910-5029 today!

Introducing Moldguys Newest Air Duct Cleaning Machine

roto brushMoldguys Restoration is excited to announce that we have just invested in a brand new Air Duct Cleaning Machine, The Rotobrush aiR + XP Brush Beast. This machine is one of the most efficient air duct cleaning systems on the market. With a commanding vacuum system, the Brush Beast can help remove even the heaviest of buildups throughout your air duct system.

Unlike previous machines, this machine has 4 vacuum motors on the unit which allow for a 90% increase in vacuum power. This machine will help our already highly trained technicians removed even the heaviest of buildup in any air duct system.

This machine is also portable and wireless which will allow our team to get into even the tightest of spots. The Brush Beast  comes with 3 different size hoses to clean any air duct your property may have, from small, to air ducts up to 26” in height can be effectively cleaned with this machine.

When it comes to air duct cleaning Moldguys understands the importance of keeping your home safe. The Brush Beats comes with bag filters including heavy duty industrial strength filters, as well as HEPA filters, which mean cleaner air for you and your home. These machines are designed to be completely safe and gentle on your air ducts. Using the safe speed of 450 RPM to ensure your air ducts are never damaged.

Check out more about Moldguys Restorations new Air Duct Cleaning Machine for yourself at and make sure to call us today to schedule your next Air Duct Cleaning.

Water Damage In Wareham MA

As spring approaches many people are now returning to their Cape homes that have been closed up all winter long. And after a long winter of no activity, a lot can happen to a home, including bursting pipes and water damage.

The Moldguys Restoration team has been busy with a large water damage cleanup job in Wareham MA. This home on a beautiful lot overlooking the water was used as a summer home and upon returning to the home in early spring after closing up for the winter the homeowners were not happy to find extensive water damage to their home. Over the winter the pipes had burst, filling the home up with about a foot of water for 3-5 days before anyone even knew.

The homeowners got a call from the water department informing them that their house was flooded. The water was so bad it was spilling out from the sides of their home and flooding the street. As you can imagine this left the home with a large amount of water damage.

That is when the homeowners called us, the experts in water damage restoration. We had worked on their first home in Weston, MA over the last winter and they knew that could trust our team to get the job done fast and efficiently. When it comes to water damage, especially one of this scale, it is important to work fast in order to prevent mold growth. We specialize in water damage strategies to prevent mold growth within 24 to 48 hours.

For more information on water damage repair contact Moldguys restoration today at (781) 910-5029.

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