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Mold Remediation & Mold Removal in Abington MA

Home Mold Remediation & Mold Removal in Abington MA

Abington is a town located in the Plymouth County of Massachusetts, approximately 20 miles southeast of Boston. It is a residential community with over 6,000 households spread throughout almost 10 square miles of land. In the summers it is often hot, humid weather, which is the perfect climate for mold growth in your home. Mold can have harmful effects on you and your family’s health, and therefore should never be ignored. If you discover mold in your home or business in Abington, Moldguys Restoration can help. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer. 

Our Mold Remediation Services in Abington MA 

It’s more common than you’d think to find mold in your home. Mold can grow anyplace that moisture is present, especially in dark places such as the attic or basement. Homeowners often find mold in the carpet, on wood,  However, it’s certainly not a pleasant sight to see and it can also be affecting you and your family’s health. The moment that you find mold in your home, it should be addressed. Moldguys Restoration provides a variety of services to ensure your home is mold-free! Our team of experts have the skills and knowledge to assess your situation and determine the best solution. We offer both residential and commercial mold remediation services in Abington. Additionally, we offer water damage repair to prevent mold growth. Taking action within 24-48 hours of water damage, such as a burst pipe or leak, will greatly reduce the risk of mold growth. We offer 24/7 emergency services to be available for these types of situations. 

Air Duct & Dry Vent Cleaning in Abington MA 

Mold is not the only thing that could be causing allergens and other airborne particles to be affecting your health. If your air ducts are clogged, having them professionally cleaned will remove the excess dust and debris, while also allowing your system to run more efficiently. Dryer vents that are clogged with lint and debris can also be a major safety hazard. Moldguys offers affordable air duct and dry vent cleaning in Abington!  

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