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Located in the Plymouth County of Massachusetts, Pembroke is a historic town, home to approximately 17,800 residents. As a town on the South Shore, Pembroke residents are familiar with the warm and humid climate that the summer months can bring. While that means plenty of beach days, unfortunately, it also can mean that mold has the perfect environment to grow. Mold thrives in warm, dark environments, especially with moisture. If you find mold in your home or business in Pembroke, it’s crucial that you address it immediately. At Moldguys Restoration, we provide professional mold removal and remediation services to keep your home or business mold-free. We also specialize in air duct cleaning, dry vent cleaning, and water damage restoration services. Keep reading to learn more about our mold removal services in Pembroke MA. 

Residential & Commercial Mold Remediation in Pembroke MA 

Mold can grow in a variety of places throughout your home; The most common spots are typically the basement, attic, and bathroom, especially if these areas were affected by excess water such as from roof or pipe leaks. Carpets, drywall, insulation, electric cables, and your HVAC system are all vulnerable areas. Mold left untreated can wreak havoc in your home, and also cause health issues for you and your family/employees. If you notice that you’re coughing, wheezing, have a runny nose, or an unusual rash, these can all be symptoms of mold exposure. When you find mold in your home or business, you can count on Moldguys for quality mold remediation services. We’ll take care of the issue efficiently and effectively, so your home or business will be safe again in no time. 

Water Damage Repair Services in Pembroke MA

If your home has experienced any sort of water damage from flooding, roof leaks, burst pipes, etc., it can be a very stressful situation. There is a lot that needs to be done quickly to prevent even further damage from occurring. Taking action in 24-48 hours is a necessity to help stop mold from growing. We offer thorough water damage repair services that’ll restore the area as best as possible. Read more about our strategies here!

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In addition to mold remediation and water damage repair services, we also provide air duct and dry vent cleaning services to ensure that you’re breathing in clean air. If you’re in need of any of our services, get in contact with us today by filling out an online form or giving us a call! at 781-910-5029. We look forward to working with you.



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