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Mold Removal Services in Whitman MA

Home Mold Removal Services in Whitman MA
Whitman is located in the Plymouth County of Massachusetts, approximately 20 miles south of Boston. Accessible by the MBTA commuter rail, it is an easy commute into the city. This suburban town is home to approximately 15,000 people with nearly 5,000 households. With Whitman being just a handful of miles away from our location in East Bridgewater, MA, this is an area we have frequently done work in. If you are a Whitman homeowner or business owner, continue reading to learn how our services can be beneficial! 

Mold Remediation and Removal In Whitman, MA

Mold in your house can cause damage to the interior, in addition to being a serious health hazard. Mold issues are never something to be ignored and should be addressed as soon as possible. At Moldguys restoration we’re experienced in both the remediation and removal of mold and are happy to assist. With a free initial inspection, we have the tools necessary to inspect all areas of your home for mold spots you may have missed. 

Air Duct Cleanings in Whitman, MA 

A dirty air duct can affect the air quality inside your home or business. When air ducts are cleaned, they can perform at their best and provide good air quality. If your air duct has not been cleaned in years, now is a good time to consider doing so. Our team is experienced with air duct cleanings and even dryer vent cleanings. 

Water Damage Repair in Whitman, MA

No one wants to see water damage on their property, but it is likely to happen from time to time. Water damage can be caused by a variety of factors and once it happens, it is best to treat the situation immediately. To minimize water damage and prevent mold from growing, count on our team for water damage repair! 

Restoration and Rebuild in Whitman, MA

Some homes have walls that have significant amounts of mold. Our restoration and rebuild service can tear down these walls, remediate the mold and rebuild the wall like new again. Our restoration and rebuild projects commonly focus on kitchens, basements and bathrooms. 

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