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Water Damage Repair & Mold Clean-Up in North Attleborough, MA

Home Water Damage Repair & Mold Clean-Up in North Attleborough, MA

The town of North Attleborough is part of Bristol County, MA, and is located along the Rhode Island state border. Occupying a total area of exactly 19 square miles, North Attleborough’s neighboring towns include Mansfield, Plainville, and Attleborough. The town is located a mere 16 miles north of the city of Providence, RI, and nearly 40 miles southwest of Boston, MA. Recent census data puts the town’s population at roughly 29,000 people with over 10,000 households in the area. With such a hearty number of residents and a number of different home circumstances, the residents of North Attleborough need a mold remediation and water damage repair service they can rely on. Thankfully, Moldguys Restoration is here to help!

Our Services in North Attleborough, MA, Include:

  • Home Mold Remediation – If your home has seen a flood or two, or suffered from a serious leak, there’s a high chance your home is harboring some mold. Mold can go unseen for quite some time, but once it’s visible you need to address the issue. Let our team make your home a healthy, mold-free environment again.
  • Water Damage Repair – Are there areas of your home marred by water damage? If so, get in touch with our team. We’ll come in, address the problem, and rehabilitate your home. Make water damage a thing of the past with the restoration services here at Moldguys.

If you’re a North Attleborough, MA, resident and find yourself in need of our services, please contact us. You can reach us at 781-910-5029 or by filling out an online contact form!


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